20 Innovative Computer Projects for CSE

For students and hobbyists, we picked out some computer science engineering projects from all over the internet. These are simple and interesting hardware and software development projects that provide a solution that could come in handy in real-life scenarios and can be easily used in the Final year Project.

1. Setting Up Your Own Personal Home Cloud

In this project, A network access storage (NAS) drive with a home Cloud set-up is constructed with the help of a wireless router.

Home Cloud Setup
Home Cloud Setup

We have discussed the complete step-by-step guide to designing a personalized Home cloud.

2. Teaching a Computer to Recognize Cats

This tutorial will provide a high-level introduction to the field of machine learning. To get a sense of how machine learning works, we begin our tutorial with a simple example of how a computer can recognize cats from other animals. Along with this, we provide a Python code for implementing the same.

This computer science project is available at Teaching a Computer to Recognise Cats.

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3. Smart Receptionist With Smartlock System

In this project, we would be developing a security system using a Raspberry Pi that lets you see a visitor while your main office door is locked.

If you are in the middle of a meeting in a conference room and there is a visitor at the door, this system will send a notification to your smartphone with a photo of the visitor as an email. If you approve, you either use your mobile or PC to unlock the front door using a Web browser.

This project is available at Smart Receptionist With Smartlock System.

4. Suspicious Activity Tracking AI Camera

Tracking and detecting suspicious activity is one of the most demanding tasks for many security personnel and systems.

What if a smart camera can detect any suspicious activity and automatically trigger an alarm to call the police, then such criminal acts can be prevented.

Check the complete step-by-step guide to make this DIY AI Tracking Camera project.

5. Gesture Language Translator

Gesture Translator Computer Engineering Project

Communicating with a specially challenged person who can’t speak or hear is quite difficult, especially when you don’t know sign language.

So to ease this problem, we built a Gesture Language Translator device that converts sign language into spoken language. This device is based on an ML model that can recognize the different sign language gestures for accurate translation.

Check the complete project details here Gesture Language Translator Project.

6. Web-based Application for Automatic Timetable Generation

The manual system of timetable preparation in colleges is very monotonous and time-consuming which results in either the same teachers ending up with more than one class at a time or a number of classes conflicting in the same classroom.

In order to deal with such problems, a mechanized system with a computer-aided timetable generator is designed.

Complete project details and tutorial is available at the automatic timetable generation.

7. Emotion-based Music Player

In this proposed system the facial expression extracted will generate a playlist automatically thereby reducing the effort and time involved in rendering the process manually.

Testing of the system is done both on user-dependent (dynamic) and user-independent (static) datasets. The in-built camera captures the facial features.

This computer project is available at Emotion-based Music Player.

8. Library Management System in C++

The library management system automates the basic library functions to aid in the day-to-day operations of a library. It supports tasks like the issue, returns the basic functions of searching for a particular book, etc.

It also maintains data about books, teachers, and students’ records that are required during various library operations. The software aims to make the system user-friendly and efficient.

This project is available in the Library Management System in C++.

9. Distorted Fingerprint Verification System

Fingerprint matching is affected by non-linear distortion introduced in fingerprint impressions during the image acquisition process.

The proposed system operates in three stages: alignment-based fingerprint matching, fuzzy clustering, and classifier framework.

To learn more about this project, please visit the Distorted Fingerprint Verification System.

10. Creating A Chat Bot With Recast.AI

Chatbots, both voice-based and others, have been in use for quite a while now.

There are many platforms that enable users to create and deploy bots. Recast.AI (now known as SAP Conversational AI after its acquisition by SAP) is a forerunner among these.

DIY Chatbot
DIY Chatbot

We have covered the step-by-step guide to building a Chatbot at home.

11. DIY Student Information System

This student information system is developed using Java as the Front-end and MS Access Database integration. This system has all the object components in Java like buttons, text fields, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists, images, and a checkbox that you can refer to on how to use these components.

This system can add, edit/update, delete, and search for a particular student.

To learn more about this project, you can visit the Student Information System.

12. DIY Examination Grading System

Computation, compilation, and grading of students’ results manually via some general-purpose software (off-shell packages) is time-consuming and prone to errors. These have also been factors contributing to students’ failure. Often delay is another factor.

This project seeks to encourage the use of customized computer packages and software applications which will improve accuracy in students’ results, grading, and academic performances.

This project is discussed here Examination Grading System.

13. Remote Electrocardiogram Monitoring based on the Internet

This is a real-time remote patient monitoring service through the World Wide Web (WWW). It allows physicians to monitor their patients on remote sites using a popular web browser.

Remote Electrocardiogram Monitoring based on the Internet
Electrocardiogram Monitoring

This project is available at Remote Electrocardiogram monitoring.

14. Pedestrian Navigation based on 3D Map and Mobile Interaction

Next up on the list of computer engineering projects is the pedestrian navigation system. This is based on a 3D map and mobile interaction. Here, pedestrian navigation based on 3D maps describes the technologies required and their use situations.

Secondly, we compare the effectiveness of 2D and 3D maps for navigation by object search experiments under certain conditions. 3D maps with and without texture, display sizes corresponding to a mobile phone and PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

This project is available at Pedestrian Navigation Based on 3D Map.

15. Image Steganography – Hiding Information in Images

This is one of the most interesting projects among computer engineering Projects. This project is developed for hiding information in any image file.

In this, the user will have to run the application and they will have two options, encrypt and decrypt. If a user selects encrypt, the application selects an image file, information file, and option to save the image file.

If the user selects decrypt, the application gives the screen to select only the image file and asks for the path where the user wants to save the secret file.

This project is available at Image Steganography.

16. Training and Placement Cell – Computer Project

The training and placement cell contains all the information about the students. The system stores all the personal information of the students, like their personal details, their aggregate marks, their skill set, and their technical skills that are required in the CV to be sent to a company.

The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the organization and outside as well with proper login provided.

The complete project details are available here: Training and Placement Cell project.

17. Online Recruitment System – DIY Computer Project

The online Recruitment System will be responsible for automating all the working processes to reduce costs and save time. Recruiters will able to post their job and their type which will be displayed on the job seekers’ dashboard based on their job type and profile settings.

Recruiters will be able to search for employees based on qualifications and colleges, get their contact info, view their resumes, profiles, and even much more.

Selected job seekers will have to go through the recruitment process set by the recruiters such as a basic question round section, written examination using online exam mode, have private chat between recruiters and job seekers.

Job seekers can able to search for jobs on the basis of various categories such as organization, using their skills, location, job type, etc.

This project is available on the Online Recruitment system.

18. Java-based Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

In this project, we designed and built an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that implements pre-defined algorithms for identifying attacks over a network. The Java programming language is used to develop the system, and JPCap must be used to provide access to the winPcap.

The packets in the network are captured online. The IDS is designed to provide the basic detection techniques to secure the systems present in the networks that are directly or indirectly connected to the internet.

To learn more about this project, please go through the Java-Based Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

19. Revenue Recovery System

This project benefits the departments with greater transparency, convenience, timeliness, and responsiveness.

This software module generates various reports based on the revenue recovery collection entries. It also gives a graphical representation of the data and it stores and backs up the data easily unlike usual conventional methods. This software module also provides web-based dissemination.

This project is available in the Revenue Recovery system.

20. Secured Mail System

To provide security to the organizational data, an organization itself develops its own mailing system and the entire database resides at the organization’s head. The employees of that particular organization must communicate with the admin through this mailing system only.

As the database resides at the organizational head, he/she can check the database and the activities performed by the employees, and whenever an employee leaves the organization, the admin can know the information and the transactions done by him.

Secured Mail System
Secured Mail System

To learn more about this project, please visit the Secured Mail System.

This is the never-ending list……….

New projects always keep coming up, some from you, some from us and it may help most of the engineering students.

If you have any computer Science projects, we would welcome them in the comment section below.

Also, some cool DIY Electronics Engineering Projects might be eye-catching for you.

This article was first published on 29th April 2017 and was recently updated on August 2023