Installation Guide
Since the Stream Army Repo can’t be found within the official Kodi repository, we will need to access the Stream Army repository, where it’s located.

Open Kodi and navigate to Settings. Use the gear icon in the top-left corner, just under the application’s logo;

Now click on ‘File manager‘, as shown below;

Double-click on ‘Add Source’, on the left side of the screen;

A pop-up should now appear, named ‘Add file source‘. Double click on ‘<None>’ and you’ll be asked to enter a new URL;

Now proceed and enter the following URL: Next, hit the ‘OK’ button;

Give it a name that will help you to identify it in a couple of steps. You can name it ‘Stream Army’. Click ‘OK’ once again;

You should now see a new folder, named Stream Army. This means that you’ve added this source to Kodi – but you now need to install it;

Return to the home screen of your Kodi and select the Add-ons button from the main menu;

Upon opening the Add-ons page, you should see an open box icon at the top-left corner of the page. Click on this icon;

Next, select the ‘Install from zip file’ option;
Using a newly opened pop-up, navigate to ‘Stream Army’. Click on this item to open it;
Finally, double-click on the file named ‘repository.streamarmy-??.zip’. Wait until you see a notification that the repository has been successfully installed;

To install the addons from the Stream Army Repo, click to open ‘Install from repository’. This is where you should see a list of your installed repositories. Open the Stream Army folder

Next, click to open Video add-ons folder or program addons folder.

That’s it! Hopefully, you’ve successfully installed the repo and are browsing through the Add-ons available.

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