Kodi & Raspberry Pi – Build a Multimedia Center

Today we will build a full-featured multimedia center using a Raspberry Pi and Kodi, an open-source multimedia player with a wealth of advanced features.

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Kodi is a feature-rich multimedia center that is very popular. It was originally the XBMC player for the Xbox gaming platform but has now been ported onto almost every operating system. It runs very well on a Raspberry Pi.

Today we will build a complete multimedia center that you can use with your HD television. We will be using a Raspberry Pi as the engine in our media center, almost any Raspberry Pi will do.

I will explain how Kodi works and go over a number of different ways that you can install it on a Raspberry Pi. I will then give you a detailed installation of Kodi using the OSMC image.

Once Kodi is installed I will show you how to configure and customize it.

I’ll also go over several options for remote control of your new multimedia center.

Here is the Table of Contents for today’s video:

What is Kodi? – 3:20
Is Kodi Legal? – 5:58
Ways to Install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi – 8:00
Raspberry Pi Selection & Enclosure – 10:42
Installing with OSMC – 15:26
Putting the box together – 19:24
Booting up Kodi – 22:35
Navigating Kodi & Add-Ons – 25:51
Kodi Configuration – 31:50
Remote Controls – 36:28
Chorus, Kodi Web-Based Interface – 41:47
Kore & Yatse – 43:30
Using Bluetooth – 46:22

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I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to build your own multimedia center using Kodi.

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