How to disable Twitter's new interface and get the old design back

When websites that you have grown accustomed to for years suddenly change their design, it often gets confusing. You have to re-learn how to use it which is quite a chore. Twitter, unfortunately is doing something, which is going to annoy a lot of users.

How to disable Twitter's new interface
Over the past few months, the micro-blogging service has been testing a new interface, or “re-design” as some may call it. One of my accounts had the new design enabled today (it was already logged in), while an older account did not. Some of my friends told me that their account had the new UI enabled when they logged in today too. This does suggest that Twitter is getting ready to roll out the new UI on a larger scale.

It isn’t a functionally improved interface which would warrant a re-design, it’s more of a “let’s re-arrange stuff on the screen pointlessly” sort of design. Just look at it, the entire left side is full of large buttons. Are you going to access your profile everyday? There is a large trends section on the right, next to which is a gear-cog icon. Is that the settings for your profile? No, its to tweak the trends. The Settings is now hidden under the “More” section on the left. The Tweet button which used to be on the top right, is now on the bottom left of the sidebar. Genius, right?

You could argue that these options are available even when you scroll down the feed, well, they used to be visible on the old design too, which in my opinion is much more accessible.

How to disable Twitter’s new interface

1. Login to on your desktop browser.
2. Click on the More option on the left side-bar.
3. Select the option which says, “Switch to legacy Twitter”.

How to disable Twitter's new interface and get the old design back

The page should reload, and hopefully you will get the old design back. Yay! It’s still good on desktops, and works just fine.

If that didn’t work…..

However, some users on reddit’s r/Twitter say they don’t have this option at all. If you find yourself to be in the same boat, try visiting in your browser. This should force the website to use the old design.

We don’t know how long the options to revert to the old design may be available, but they should help, until Twitter decides to makes the new design the only option.

Twitter old design vs new

Twitter old interface vs new interface

The new Twitter interface looks and feels mobile-ish to me. Maybe they want it to look similar on all devices, but it doesn’t look good on PC. It’s almost as bad as reddit’s re-design, which is all scaled up and looks weird. Visiting a list page used to have all the other lists on the left side, easy to access. They are gone now, you have to click on Lists which loads like a Timeline, and then use it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I wonder if Twitter has ever heard of that.

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