Microsoft extends Exchange Server 2010 End of Support with a surprising remark

Microsoft announced today that it will extend end of support for Exchange Server 2010 to October 13, 2010. Exchange Server 2010 support was about to run out on January 14, 2020 initially but Microsoft decided to extend support until October 13, 2020 of the same year.

Microsoft provides the following reason for extending support of the Server product:

Our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers is as strong as ever, and we recognize discontinuing support for a product that has been as popular and reliable as Exchange Server 2010 can be an adjustment.

Microsoft plans to end support for Exchange Server 2010 on October 13, 2020. The company notes that it won’t provide technical support for problems and won’t release any updates including security updates after that date.

microsoft exchange server 2010 extend support

What about Windows 7?

The discontinuation of a product that has “been popular and reliable” can be an adjustment. Know which other Microsoft product runs out of support on January 14, 2020? One that is still very popular, reliable, and loved by a dedicated customers? Windows 7.

Our colleagues over at Deskmodder spotted the announcement today and asked if Microsoft would extend support for Windows 7 as well.

If you just look at the reason that Microsoft provides, you could certainly come to the conclusion that it would apply to Windows 7 as well.

The change that Microsoft will make a similar announcement to extend the end of support for Windows 7 is very slim, and here are the reasons why that is the case:

  • Exchange Server is a server product.
  • Microsoft announced previously that Enterprise customers can extend support for Windows 7 by up to three years.

Enterprise customers are covered by the (paid) extension of support.

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The case for an extension

Windows 7 is the second used desktop operating system and while Windows 10 surpassed it a while ago, it is still used a lot. Considering that support will run out in about four months, it is clear that lots of systems will run out of support in January if Microsoft won’t extend support.

It is highly improbable that all devices will be upgraded to a supported version of Windows or that another operating system will be installed on these devices in the coming four months. If Windows XP’s end of support is anything to go by, it is going to take years before Windows 7’s usage share becomes irrelevant.

Microsoft could, but probably won’t, offer free upgrades to Windows 10 just like it has done in the first year after Windows 10’s release. Such an offer would certainly push migrations and reduce the number of devices running Windows 7 after January 14, 2020.

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