Here is what is new in Firefox 69.0.1 Stable

Mozilla plans to release Firefox 69.0.1 later today; the stable channel update for Firefox 69.0 is a small release that fixes several issues and security vulnerabilities.

The new version of Firefox will be released via the web browser’s automatic updating system and the official Mozilla website.

Mozilla released Firefox 69.0 on September 3, 2019 featuring improved tracking protections and better media autoplay blocking capabilities.

Firefox 69.0.1

firefox 69.0.1

Firefox 69.0.1 is a bug fix and security release. Mozilla fixed the following five issues in the new Firefox version:

  • A bug that caused external applications to be opened in the background and not in the foreground when users clicked on links with external program handlers. The issue appears to affect Firefox and Thunderbird; it is fixed in Firefox 69.0.1 and Thunderbird 68.1. See bug 1570845.
  • The newly modernized add-ons manager caused navigational issues for screen reader users. The issue did affect screen readers such as JAWS or NVDA, and prevented the user from navigating to certain elements on the page. See bug 1567600.
  • Captive portal notification bars would not go away automatically anymore after login starting in Firefox 69. Mozilla noticed that functionality might be broken as well under certain circumstances. See bug 1578633.
  • Firefox 69 limited the zoom level in the web browser’s Reader Mode to a greater degree than previous versions of the web browser. The new Firefox version prevented zooming beyond 150%. The update resolves the issue and unlocks the 300% zoom maximum again in Firefox 69.0.1. See bug 1578454.
  • The last bug affected the browser’s Developer Tools. More precisely, it did not show the Call stack when using the Performance tool to record activity and selecting the Flame chart JS tab. See bug 1578354.

Firefox 69.0.1 is a security release. Mozilla has not published security related information yet and it is unclear if one or multiple vulnerabilities are patched in the new version at this point in time because of that.

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