IrfanView 4.54 released with improvements and fixes

A new version of the popular image viewer Irfanview has just been released (yes I call IrfanView an image viewer even though it can do a lot more than that). IrfanView 4.54 introduces several new features to the application and fixes several issues in earlier versions.

New and existing users can download setup and portable versions of IrfanView 4.54 from the developer homepage. All it takes to update is to install the new version over the existing copy or push the portable files into the portable program folder.

IrfanView 4.54 increases the Undo and Redo limit to a maximum of 20 steps. The default is set to five undo/redo operations but users may change the limit to up to 20 steps. Just select Options > Properties/Settings > Browsing/Editing and change the value of the “Set the number of Undo/Redo steps” option. You may also disable undo/redo operations by setting the value to 0.

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irfanview update

The developer added a zoom magnifier to the image viewer’s fullscreen mode. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Shift is mapped to the zoom magnifier which can be moved around with the mouse; this works in regular IrfanView windows and now also in fullscreen mode. IrfanView users who don’t need the functionality can disable it under Options > Properties/Settings > Viewing by removing the checkmark from “Enable Zoom Magnifier”.

Another new and useful feature is an option to create print profiles. When you open the print dialog in IrfanView you find a new option to save the settings to a profile. You may switch between different profiles at anytime by loading them from the print dialog. A profile may save information about the printer, print size and orientation, margins, and other printing related parameters. Another new printing related feature is the option to configure horizontal and vertical centering.

The Settings feature several new options, among them the ability to enable or disable plugins under Help > Installed Plugins, a new option to set the selection border size, new canvas dialog option “set aspect ratio”, and new option to copy/move possible.

Other than that, there is a new option for lossless JPEGs to add or replace ICC color profiles and a new thumbnail option to keep the focus in the folder tree. Lastly, it is now possible to show the color corrections dialog in dark mode and to watch subfolders in the Watch/Hot Folder dialog.

Most fixes are for plugins that should now work properly again in the new version.

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