Microsoft Edge 83 with Extension Sync and other improvements launches

Microsoft released a new stable version of the company’s Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser. Microsoft Edge 83 is being rolled out gradually to all systems it is installed on. The company changed the way Edge updates are pushed out with this release by switching to a gradual rollout. Means: it may take several days before the new version of Edge is offered on a particular device.

Users who don’t want to wait this long can check out our guide on updating Edge manually to get updates right away.

Tip: you can check the version of the browser by loading edge://settings/help in the browser’s address bar.

Microsoft Edge 83

microsoft edge 83

Microsoft Edge 83 Stable is a big update that includes new features and improvements across the board. Microsoft integrated one of the most requested features in Edge 83. It is now possible to sync extensions across all devices Edge is installed on.

If sync is enabled, Edge will sync Microsoft Store and Chrome Store extensions across all devices the browser is installed on.

microsoft edge extensions sync

You can check out the sync settings directly by loading edge://settings/profiles/sync in the browser’s address bar. There you may turn sync on or off, and customize synchronization. The new Extensions sync option is listed once the browser is updated to version 83. Just toggle it on or off like the other options.

History and open tabs syncing is still not available in Edge 83 on the other hand and Microsoft promises that it is coming soon.

Cookie management has been improved in the new version of Edge as well. It is now possible to exclude certain cookies from being deleted when Edge is configured to clear the browsing data on exit automatically.

Just visit edge://settings/clearBrowsingDataOnClose in the browser’s address bar to configure Edge to delete certain browsing data on close. You find the new exemption option when you enable the deletion of cookies and other site data.

microsoft edge clear cookies

Select add and type the name of a site that you want to exclude from the deletion; this is useful if you want to preserve cookies, e.g. to avoid being logged out whenever Microsoft Edge is closed.

Here is the list of additional improvements and changes in Edge 83

  • Improved Microsoft Defender SmartScreen — improved malicious site protection that redirect when a site is loaded, added top-level frame blocking to prevent audio and other media from playing on malicious sites.
  • Automatic profile switching — Edge supports profiles and it is now possible to switch between profiles automatically, e.g. when accessing a site that requires work or school account authentication while a personal profile is used. Edge detects this and prompts to switch automatically to open the site in question in the work/school profile.
  • Collection enhancements — It is now possible to add all open tabs to a new collection by right-clicking on any tab and selecting “Add all tabs to a new collection”. Also new is an option to drag & drop a site to a collection without opening the collection, and to drag a selection of sites to add them in one operation.
  • Immersive Reader improvements — Support for adverbs in the Parts of Speech experience, and option to select any content on a webpage to open it in Immersive Reader.
  • Set Microsoft Edge as default browser from Settings.
  • Option for users to save decision to launch an external protocol for a specific site.
  • Microsoft Cloud Access Security warn scenario is now available.
  • Link Doctor host corrections launches to address mistypes.
  • Disallow synchronous XmlHttpRequest in page dismissal.
  • Dev Tools updates
    • Remote debugging on Windows 10 devices.
    • New and improved infobars.
    • Color Picker can be navigated using the keyboard.
    • Emulator vision deficiencies now available under Rendering.
    • Emulate locales option.
    • Cross-Origin Opener Policy (COOP) and Cross-Origin Embedder Policy (COEP) debugging
    • Lighthouse panel replaces Audits panel.
    • Delete all local overrides in a folder.
    • and more
  • 15 new policies

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