Microsoft publishes Translator extension for Edge that you cannot install

If you visit the Microsoft Translator page on the Microsoft Edge Add-Ons website, you may notice that you cannot install the extension in the new Microsoft Edge. If you open the page in any browser but the new Edge, you will notice that the “get” button is enabled. If you do the same with the new Microsoft Edge, you will notice that it is not enabled.

microsoft translator get

Microsoft provides an explanation of that on the very same page if you open it in the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Translator (built-in, read below)

The new Microsoft Edge includes a built-in Translate feature powered by the Microsoft Translator. It’s no longer necessary to install an extension to translate web pages in the browser.

Basically, what Microsoft intends to do is inform users of the new Microsoft Edge web browser that translation extensions are not required because of the built-in translate functionality of the browser.

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The new Microsoft Edge browser displays a “translate page to” prompt when a foreign language page is opened in the browser. You get options to translate the page, to always translate the language Edge detected on the page, and to block future translate prompts for that language in the browser.

The description on the Microsoft Translator add-on page describes the functionality of the built-in feature. It highlights that users may interact with the address bar icon to use translate functionality, or right-click on a page to translate webpages directly from the context menu.

The legacy version of Microsoft Edge, the original version of the browser that shipped with the Windows 10 operating system in 2015, requires a translation extension.

Closing Words

It is still a bit puzzling that Microsoft decided to publish the Microsoft Translator page on its site for extensions for the new Microsoft Edge browser. Users who install the new browser or have it installed for them via Windows Update, will see translate prompts as soon as they open a foreign language page in the browser; this leaves users who search for a translate extensions the moment the browser is installed on the system or run for the first time.

Now You: what is your take on this? (via Techdows)

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