Firefox 82 for Android with option to display the address bar permanently

An upcoming version of the new Firefox web browser for Android will feature an option to make the address bar permanent in the browser’s user interface.

Currently, if you use the Firefox web browser on Android, you will notice that the address bar hides itself automatically once you start scrolling down on a page. The main idea behind that is to increase the available room for website content by hiding the address bar.

Other web browsers, Google Chrome for example, use the same technique to increase the available room for the actual website.

firefox 82 android permanent address bar

It is not necessary to scroll all the way up to the top again, as the address bar is displayed as soon as you scroll up again in Firefox and other browsers that use the feature.

While some users appreciate the feature, others may dislike the hiding of the address bar as it hides the website address and the browser’s own menu when the website is scrolled downwards.

Firefox 82, a new mobile version of Firefox that is available as a Nightly development version currently, includes an option to make the address bar permanent.

Choice is always best when it comes to these features as it is impossible to please all users otherwise. The default option remains the same; Firefox hides the address bar when you scroll down.

Do the following to change the behavior:

  1. Make sure you run at least Firefox 82.
  2. Select Menu > Settings.
  3. Select Customize on the page that opens.
  4. Locate the “scroll to hide toolbar” toggle on the page and flip it to set it to off (it is displayed in gray if it is off).

Firefox won’t hide the address bar anymore when you scroll from that moment on. You can undo the change at anytime by repeating the process; just make sure that the setting is set to on (colored).

Closing Words

Choice is usually better than no choice, especially when it comes to user interface behavior. A welcome change and hopefully one of many to follow when it comes to giving back options to users.

Now You: Do you prefer an always-visible address bar, or a hidden one on scroll?

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