Opera GX browser may play background music now

Opera GX is an experimental web browser by Opera Software that is described specifically as a gaming browser. The design of the browser and some of its functionality are designed for gamers and users who like the gaming-inspired design of the browser.

Opera Software added several gaming related features to the browser such as a throttler for RAM, the CPU and network. The throttler attempts to limit RAM, bandwidth and processor usage of the browser by setting fixed limits. Other features include gaming news that may be displayed on the browser’s new tab page; users may select game systems they are interested in to get a list of upcoming games, news, and trailers and the like directly on the page.

The most recent version of Opera GX includes another new and rather unique feature: the ability to play adaptive background music. Background music is not turned on by default but needs to be enabled in this release.

Select Opera menu > Settings, and scroll down until you find Background music listed on the settings page. Select the option to open the configuration, and flip the toggle to enabled. You can modify the volume of the background music on the same page and disable the dynamic audio visualizer as well.

opera gx background music

A blog post on the official Opera Software blog provides details on the new feature. According to the information published there, the music has been “composed by Ruben Rincón and the Berlinist band”. The music is dynamic by default as it reacts to the browsing of the user.

The dynamic background music is an ambient downtempo that will immerse you further in your gaming-themed browser. Actively browsing, clicking and typing intensifies the music, for example, while slowly scrolling and reading will take the music down a notch. This dynamic reaction to your activity blends into the background when you’re in focus-mode, so you often don’t notice it until you miss it.

We are excited to finally reveal the entire concept we’ve had in mind: We wanted to give our browser the immersive sound experience known from games, where a perfectly-composed soundtrack lets you focus more, forget about any worries and boosts your overall experience by adapting to the task at hand. I believe we have succeeded.

Opera GX comes without a toggle in the frontend UI to disable the background music. It continues to play even while you play videos with sound or audio in the browser, but is barely audible unless you turn down the volume significantly.

The browser supported sounds for a while, and these are enabled by default. You get sounds when you type, open or close tabs, click, or hover over something. Each sound may be deactivated completely or tuned volume-voice, and there are different sets to choose from to find the perfect audio for the activity.

Closing Words

I first thought that sounds and background music would be distracting to the overall experience, but this has not been the case, at least when it comes to web activity that does not require full concentration. A toggle to turn off the music quickly would be a good addition, and Opera Software should consider disabling it entirely when the browser plays other audio or video content.

Now You: Music in the browser, what is your take on that?

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