Opera browser gets improved sync and other new features

Opera Software released a new version of the company’s mobile web browser for Google’s Android operating system and a new desktop version of the web browser today.

The main reason for the simultaneous launch is that the company improved the synchronization feature that syncs data between the Android version and desktop versions of the Opera browser. Sync setup has been simplified significantly, as the entire process is now handled by scanning QR codes on devices and without having use an account to pair devices for the sync process.

While it is still possible to use an account and the benefits that comes with it, in particular the option to restore data on new devices even if access to all previous Opera installations is no longer available, it is not a requirement anymore. Opera users may use the account option to create a backup of data as using a second device is no requirement to use the functionality.

opera browser sync improved

Setting up sync is quite easy once the new versions of Opera are installed. Point your desktop browser to the following page on the Opera website to generate a unique QR code. Open the Opera browser on the Android device afterwards and go to Opera Menu > Settings > Sync and backup. Select Connect device on the page that opens and scan the QR code displayed in the desktop browser.

opera connect device sync

The improved synchronization functionality is not the only new feature of the releases. On the desktop, Opera Software introduces a new feature called Easy Files that helps users find recent downloads more quickly for sharing on the Internet. Basically, what Easy Files does is provide an interface that lists the most recent downloads so that users may pick these for sharing or uploading.

The system works really well and may speed up certain processes like downloading a file and uploading it to Virustotal, or sending downloaded files to a friend or contact.

opera easy files

Opera 60 for Android supports Flow now. Flow is not a new feature but it was reserved to Opera Touch and desktop versions of Opera in the past. With the new release for Android, Flow becomes available in the main Opera browser as well. Flow is a personal sharing feature to share links, articles, ideas, notes, and other content between mobile and desktop versions of the Opera browser.

Another addition to Opera for Android is the introduction of suggested sites that are displayed below the Speed Dial items of the user. Opera Software notes that the suggestions are taken from commonly visited sites, open tabs on other devices (if sync is enabled), offline content, and “fresh items of potential interest”.

Now You: What is your favorite way of setting up and using sync?

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