Find and download subtitles for your videos quickly with Subloader

Subtitles are a great way to watch movies and shows. It’s always nice to have those as an option, so you don’t miss important dialogue.

Download subtitles for your videos with Subloader

You may find the on-screen text more useful if you’re watching a foreign language film or TV show, but even if you are a native speaker or if you aren’t hearing impaired,  it’s good to have them enabled for really quiet/inaudible scenes.

The Halo games are one that comes to mind, because I remember using headphones in order to hear the non-cinematic chatter. Shockingly, even the recently released Halo MCC doesn’t address this issue. That’s just an example of why subtitles are important.

But let’s circle back to videos, many media players have an option to download subtitles for the current video. But if that doesn’t help, you may want to use a subtitle database website to manually get the text transcripts.

Or, you could use a toos like Subloader to make the task slightly simpler. The application isn’t portable, that’s probably because it integrates in the Windows Explorer Shell (more on this later).

The program’s interface is user-friendly. The main area has a large pane, and there are a couple of toggles and a toolbar at the bottom.

Let’s say you want subtitles for a particular video.  Use the open button to select a video that you want the subtitle for, or use Windows Explorer and select Find Subtitles to automatically open Subloader and start the search.

There are two methods that Subloader uses to fetch the subs. “Search by name” and “Search by hash”. If you’re a regular reader here, you may know how to check a file’s hash values. This subtitle finder tool uses the same method to do an online lookup, to find an appropriate subtitle for the video.

If it does not find a match, you can try the “Search by name” option. You could of course enable both options, i.e. to search by name and hash, if you want to. The Search by name option has an advantage, in case a subtitle wasn’t available, you can edit the video’s name, and run the search again.

Subloader correct subtitles after editing file name

For example, I ran a search by hash for a video I got from a streaming service. Naturally, Subloader couldn’t find a match for it, but when I selected search by name it was able to find 1 result. The problem is, the subtitle was in a language that I don’t understand.

Subloader correct subtitles after editing the file name 2

So, I tried renaming the file to include the Show’s name, the episode’s name, and Subloader was able to find the correct subs. If you have multiple options to choose from, you may want to try them one at a time, until you have the one that syncs perfectly with the video. In this example, it did work for me as with many other videos I tried.

Subloader language settings

You may sort the search results by clicking on the name, language column. Double-click on a result to download the subtitle, or click the download button to obtain the selected one. Click on the Settings button to select the default languages of the subtitles that you want to download.

Subloader video subtitles

The downside to the program is that it relies on the popular OpenSubtitles service. So, if a movie or TV show isn’t available on the website’s database, the program isn’t of any use. The official GitHub page says that the developer plans to add support for more databases. Another issue with Subloader is that it doesn’t support multiple file search, aka batch subtitle search.

The downloaded subs are in the original format (SRT, SUB) and are saved in the same directory that the video is located in. Subloader is open source. It is written in C# and .NET Core.

If you have a bunch of movies and TV series and you want subtitles for those, give Subloader a shot.

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