Windows 10 privacy software Privatezilla update brings analysis mode

A new version of the Windows 10 privacy tool Privatezilla has been released this week; the new version comes with an improved analysis feature that reveals configured and not configured settings when it is used.

Privatezilla is a portable tool that you can run right after you have downloaded and extracted the archive it is supplied in; an installation is not required. The program displays a list of available settings in a sidebar on the left.

You may select all or some of these — with some selected by default — and use the apply button to make the changes to the system.


One interesting feature of Privatezilla is the ability to load community packages that add extra functionality. Just download the latest package from the project’s GitHub repository and extract the content into the Privatezilla directory. The program loads the new components on start and adds advanced options like removing default apps or disabling certain services to Privatezilla’s features.

Many privacy tools for Windows 10 come without option to highlight tweaks that are applied already, and this may be confusing to some users. Privatezilla resolves this through its analyze button. Just select the button in the interface to see which tweaks are already applied and which are not.

The program checks selected tweaks only, but it is easy enough to select all tweaks to have them all checked by the program. Configured tweaks are displayed in green, tweaks that are not configured are displayed in red for easier recognition. It makes no difference to the processing when you select the apply option, as already configured tweaks will remain configured while all that are not configured will be configured.

Privatezilla uses PowerShell to apply the tweaks, and they work on all editions of Windows 10 including Windows 10 Home.

Closing Words

Privatezilla is a popular Windows 10 tweak tool. The new feature improves it further, particularly for users who would like to get a list of tweaks that are already applied.

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