Firefox to support the printing of multiple pages per sheet

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser will soon support the printing of multiple pages per sheet. The new functionality is available in Firefox Nightly, the development edition of the Firefox web browser, already and will land in Firefox Stable eventually.

The next print related feature to land in Firefox Stable is non contiguous printing support, which will be available in Firefox 85. The new version of the browser will be released next week to the public.

The Nightly version highlights the improvement that Mozilla made to the printing functionality. Just hit Ctrl-P, or select Menu > Print, to open the print configuration dialog. Current versions of Firefox display just a few options when you do so, e.g. to switch between portrait and landscape mode.

firefox-print multiple pages per sheet

The Nightly version displays new features in the print dialog that provide Firefox users with useful options. Most of these are hidden by default but can be displayed with a click on the “more settings” option in the print dialog.

The “pages per sheet” option is just one of the options you find here. A click lists the number of pages that you can print on a single sheet; currently, that is 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 and 16 pages per sheet. All you need to do is select the desired output format, e.g. 4, and hit the print button to print the number of pages per sheet. Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers support these options as well.

If you have selected text on the page prior to invoking the print dialog, you get an option to print the selection only. It is displayed under “more settings” like most of the features, and needs to be enabled. The option to right-click on the selection on a website and select the print selection item is still available as well.

You may also select other options in the print dialog, e.g. to disable the printing of headers, footers and the background of the page, to set margins, to change the scale, and the paper size. Some of these options are already supported by previous Firefox versions, others are new in this form.

Closing words

The past couple of weeks has seen an increase in features that Mozilla is working on that improve the usability of the browser or user experience. The new option to print multiple pages per sheet is useful as it may be used to save a lot of paper.

Now you: do you print regularly using your browser?

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