Microsoft Edge: work on vertical tabs continues, now with resizing support

Microsoft revealed plans to introduce support for displaying tabs vertically in the company’s Edge web browser in May 2020. Vertical Tabs supported was added to development versions of Microsoft Edge in October 2020; users of the browser could activate the option in the browser’s settings. Doing so would hide the horizontal tab bar and display a vertical tabs sidebar instead that would display tabs on the left side of the browser.

Vertical tabs offer benefits to users, especially on widescreen devices. Tabs are displayed in a hierarchical structure in the sidebar, and the extra space means that more tabs with page titles can be displayed at the same time. Moving tabs around is also much easier thanks to easier drag and drop support.

microsoft edge vertical tabs large

Support is still in an experimental stage as certain features are not implemented at this point in time. One of these features, the ability to resize the tabs sidebar, has now been implemented in the latest Edge Canary build.

microsoft edge vertical tabs large

All you need to do is move the mouse cursor over the sidebar border; the icon changes and you may click and drag to resize the sidebar. You may reduce the size to make up more room for the display of websites, or increase it to make sure all page titles are displayed properly, even in lower levels of the hierarchical structure.

Closing Words

The option to resize the tabs sidebar is a welcome addition but the implementation in Edge is still missing important features, such as the ability to display the tabs sidebar on the right of the browser windows.

The Vivaldi browser supports this and many more features. Still, with Edge introducing support for sidebar tabs in the stable version eventually, it could attract new users to the browser.

Now You: What is your favorite place for tabs? Does your browser support it?

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