Snapseed is a powerful mobile photo-editing app

Snapseed is a free photo-editing application by Google for the mobile operating systems Android and iOS. Third-party tools are often superior to those that ship with operating systems by default; this is true for desktop systems, e.g. Paint on Windows, but also on mobile devices, e.g. Google Photos on Android.

Snapseed is a free application that supports several features, including options to apply filters to photos and use image editing tools. The Android application was used for this review.

snapseed review

Once you have installed Snapseed and opened it, you are greeted with a screen that is blank almost entirely. Tap on the open button to load a photo from the device. An option to create a photo is not provided, which means that you need to use a different app to capture photos on the device.

The photo is loaded, and you may use the Styles and Tools menus at the bottom to edit it. Styles displays filters such as portrait, structure, bright or smooth, that you may apply. If you have used apps like Snapchat or Instagram before, you know how these work.

Tools may be more interesting to the majority of users, as it provides a mix of image editing tools, such as crop, rotate, brush, add text or tune image, and more full-image manipulation options such as making the image black & white, adding a grainy film effect to it, or adding frames.

Each effect and tool is applied with just a few taps. Some offer additional options once they have been selected. The Text tool lists several different text styles that you may select, and options to change the color and transparency of the text. Naturally, you may also add your own text by double-tapping on the text to edit it. Changes can be saved to keep them or reverted, and there is a undo option to undo steps.

The Export menu displays options to save the photo to the device, save it to a different location on the device, or to share it using the operating system’s built-in sharing options.

Closing Words

Snapseed is an easy to use application. Its functionality may appeal to users who like to apply filters to their photos before uploading them to various services on the Internet, but also to users who like basic tools such as crop or text.

Now You: do you use photo-editing tools on your mobile devices?

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