Microsoft will remove the Paint 3D menu item as well in future versions of Windows 10

Microsoft revealed plans some time ago to remove the Windows 10 applications Paint 3D, 3D Viewer and the 3D Objects Folder. The removal is applied to new installations only at this point and not upgraded installations of Windows 10.

Windows 10 users may install Paint 3D and 3D Viewer from the Microsoft Store, as both applications are listed in the Store. Both applications can be uninstalled from existing installations of Windows 10 via the Apps section of the operating system’s Settings application.

It may surprise some users of Windows 10 that the removal of the applications has no effect on the context menu entries of File Explorer, as the Edit with Paint 3D option remains visible in the context menu when the application is removed.

edit with paint 3d

Even worse, an accidental click on the “Edit with Paint 3D” menu item opens the Paint 3D application in the Microsoft Store. Designed to provide users with an option to reinstall the application if it is not available anymore, it is a nuisance for users who don’t use Paint 3D, but may prefer classic Paint, or another image editor with superior functionality.

Up until now, you had to edit the Registry manually to remove these context menu entries. As spotted by Windows Latest, this won’t be necessary anymore going forward, at least not for the Paint 3D entry as it too will be removed by Microsoft on systems that come without it preinstalled or on devices the app is removed from.

According to Microsoft’s feedback, the issue was addressed in Build 21332.

Paint 3D was introduced with the Creators Update that Microsoft released in the first half of 2017 to the public. While the 3D focus of the update may have attracted some users to the operating system, it seems that not many users were interested in the added functionality in first place, as Microsoft would not have made the decision to remove it from future systems otherwise.

The application will remain available, so that users interested in 3D on Windows 10 can install it and continue to use it.

Now You: are you a 3D user on Windows 10?

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