First Look at Microsoft Edge's Workspaces feature

Microsoft Edge is getting a new feature called Workspaces. Workspaces are designed to improve the manageability of open sites in the browser, by using different workspaces for different tasks. The feature is being tested in Microsoft Edge Canary builds currently, but only available in some installations at the time of writing; there is a way, however, to unlock it in the browser.

Users who want to give it a try need to launch Edge with the parameter –enable-features=msWorkspaces.

workspaces edge

A Workspaces icon is displayed in the top left corner of the Microsoft Edge screen when the feature is enabled. A click on it displays information about the feature — Organize your browsing activities with Workspaces — and an option to create a new workspace.

You may specify a name and a color for a workspace that you create in the browser. All tabs open of the browser are moved into the first workspace that is created. Additional workspaces start with a new tab open, only. Each additional workspace is opened in a separate window, while all existing workspaces stay open.

microsoft edge two workspaces

You may use each workspace just like a regular browser window. Microsoft Edge remembers each Workspace when you close the window, and you get options to reopen a workspace at any time, even after a complete browser shutdown. Workspaces don’t get opened automatically on a new browser start; instead, a blank non-workspace instance is opened by default.

In other words: Edge remembers the sites and tabs that are open in a workspace, and provides users with options to launch these at any time. Workspaces can be removed as well, which deletes them permanently.

It seems that Microsoft Edge will support two tab management features in the near future: workspaces to use permanent separate browsing windows, and tab groups, to group tabs displayed in a window.

Workspaces is not an entirely new feature. Opera Software introduced Workspaces in Opera 67 back in February 2020 to improve tab manageability. Microsoft’s version is not an identical copy but it works similar nevertheless.

Closing Words

Tab management options, like groups, containers, or workspaces, are being added to many browsers these days. The Workspaces feature fits perfectly, especially since it is adding permanent spaces to the browser that users can open whenever they need to access a specific workspace.

Now You: what is your take on the Workspaces feature? (via Deskmodder / Leopeva)

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