Here is what is new in Microsoft Edge 90 Stable

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge 90 Stable this week; the update for Microsoft’s Chromium-based web browser introduces several major features and security patches.

Updates are rolled out over the course of one or more days, and it is possible that Edge has not been auto-updated yet on all devices. You may load edge://settings/help in the browser’s address bar to display the current version. Edge will run a manual check for updates when the page is opened, and that check should detect the new version and install it, if it is not installed already.

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Edge 90 comes with several feature additions, some of which are rolled out over time to the userbase.

Kids Mode is one of these features. We reviewed a preview version of Kids Mode back in February 2021, and much of what has been said at the time is still valid for the stable release.

Kids Mode is a parental control feature that may be started from any regular profile in Edge. You are asked to select an age range, and will see the mode launch in fullscreen then. The mode is locked and it can only be exited by entering the Windows account credentials.

Kids Mode limits access to sites; it includes an allow list that defines sites that may be accessed while in the mode. Parents may add more sites to the mode, e.g. the site of the school or kindergarten.

It is still recommended to install a content blocker as ads are not blocked in kids mode. The mode may be a good option for devices that don’t use specific accounts for minors.

Microsoft states that it has made improvements to font rendering in Edge 90. which “improve clarity and reduce blurriness”.

Edge users on Mac devices get support for Single Sign On (SSO) for Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Account (MSA). Users will get signed-in automatically into websites that are “configured to allow sign on with Work and Microsoft accounts”.

Two changes landed that improve the autofill suggestions feature. First, it is now possible to search autofill suggestions even if the function did not detect a valid form or field on the page; this enables users to use autofill on pages with forms or form fields that are not detected properly.

The second improvement includes address field content from the clipboard in suggestions.

Clipboard content is parsed when you click on a profile/address field (for example, phone, email, zip code, city, state, etc.) to show as autofill suggestions.

Edge users who don’t want their clipboard content parsed may turn off autofill in the browser.

The new downloads flyout that is accessible from the top-right corner is included in Edge 90 as well. It displays all active downloads in a single interface.

Printing got two improvements as well. Users may select additional page scaling options for printing, and there is a new print rasterization mode for non-PostScript printers that admins can define using a new policy.

Speaking of which, Edge 90 includes support for eight new polices and includes two deprecated polices. You can check them out here.

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