O&O Lanytix: get a quick overview of local area network devices on Windows

O&O Lanytix is a new free program by O&O Software GMBH to display all devices connected to a local area network. The program is compatible with Windows 8 and newer versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

We tested the program on a Windows 10 version 20H2 system and it worked fine and without issues on the machine.

O&O Lanytix can be run right after its download. A click on the “scan network” button runs a network scan on the connected local area network. Scans did not take long during tests and results are displayed in a table view in the main program window.

oo lanytix local area network

The first device is always the computer the software is executed on. What follows are devices that are connected to the local area network; these can be routers, other computer systems, streaming devices, printers, and anything else with LAN connectivity capabilities.

O&O Lanytix displays the device’s status, name, IP address, MAC, ping, operating system, manufacturer and time it was first detected on the network in the table. Some data may not be displayed for all devices, e.g. when the manufacturer of a device or its name cannot be determined. A click on a header sorts the table accordingly, e.g. by IP address or operating system.

The search field filters results based on the entered string, e.g. by part of the IP adress, manufacturer or name.

You may use the network application to scan a custom address range. To do that, open the program settings and specify a different range for the scan.

Scanning preferences may also be adjusted in the settings.

lan scanning parameters

You find options to change the number of connection attempts and maximum timeout per retry, as well as the use of ARP — Address Resolution Protocol — under Scanning in the options.

Select export to save the results of the scan to the local system. Results are saved as CSV files that can be viewed in many applications, including spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

The My PC tab displays information about the active device, including IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, DNS servers, and more.

Closing Words

O&O Lanytix is a basic local area network scanner for Windows devices to get a quick overview of devices that are connected to the LAN. It is a handy application for home users who want an easy to use program, albeit with little in terms of advanced options.

Now You: do you use network software on your devices?

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