Material You is already here with a Contacts makeover

The wait for Android 12’s official release is still ongoing, with us being a beta or so away. However, the release is drawing closer, and we’re already starting to see the effects of Android’s upcoming makeover.

A few apps are already starting to sport some minor Material You UI touch-ups. Currently, these include Chrome and the Camera. And today, it’s the turn of Contacts. With the newest update to the Contacts app, there are some automatic themes that have been included, and you can start taking advantage of the new, fresh look even if you have Android 11.

Material You Is Already Here With a Contacts Makeover

Contacts is also the first app to officially receive its new look. This includes theme support and the iconic rounded edges through the UI. If you’re already running the beta version of Android 12, which you can get on your phone through an APK, you’ll already start to see an effect of the Material You feature in your Contacts. Material You will already start pulling from your wallpaper and changing the colors of everything, from letters to icons, when displaying contacts information.

The search bar will also display the rounded edges, while a squircle replaces the circular FAB. Your account name will also be displayed at the top, which is a useful feature so that you can know which list of contacts is loaded.

Some of these new elements are even translating to Android 11. Unfortunately, the accent colour will still default to the usual sky blue, but the rounded edges and the squircle will be visible.

This is also not like most of Google’s usual update changes that occur server-side. It is available in the current beta version of Android 12.3.5 that is coming to users via the Play Store now.

Closing words

With Android 12 in the last few beta versions of testing, we are already getting to experience some of the new features, even in Android 11! The Material You promises to bring some stunning visual elements. We are excited to start seeing a few of those being implemented in apps such as Chrome, Camera and now Contacts.

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