YouTube Premium Lite disables ads on YouTube for €6.99 per month

YouTube Premium Lite is a new YouTube subscription plan that disables advertisement on YouTube for €6.99 per month. The plan is being tested in several European countries currently such as Denmark, Belgium or Sweden.

Unlike YouTube Premium, which is available for €11.99 per month, YouTube Premium Lite does not include any other benefit. YouTube Premium includes video downloading functionality, background playback support in the official apps and access to YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Premium Lite, which you can access here, removes ads on all devices that support YouTube and allow you to sign-in to your YouTube account, including the Web version, Android and iOS applications, smart TVS and gaming systems. YouTube Kids won’t show advertisement as well when a subscription is active.

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Only YouTube’s own advertisement is disabled when a subscription is active. Many channels have started to add sponsored messages and other forms of advertising to their videos as well in recent years.

Tip: you may skip some sponsored messages in videos with the SponsorBlock extension.

Google has been pushing ads on YouTube heavily in that time as well, and announced recently that it will show ads for all videos that are hosted on the site. Previously, videos were not shown under some circumstances, for instance if a publisher did not join the YouTube Partner Program.

Ads may be displayed before a video plays, while a video plays and after a video played. Some of these are skippable after a 5 second wait period, others are not.

YouTube users may watch YouTube without ads on their TVs and also on their devices, and YouTube video downloads are supported by programs such as Internet Download Manager.

Closing Words

YouTube Premium Lite is available for €6.99 per month, one Euro less than a 1-month Netflix subscription.

YouTube reached 30 million Premium subscribers and 2.3 billion users in 2020. It generated 19.7 billion Dollars in revenue in that year.

The new subscription plan is in testing currently: while it seems likely that it will be introduced worldwide eventually, there is no guarantee that this will be happening. Google might end it if too many YouTube Premium subscribers change their subscription to YouTube Premium Lite.

Personally, I think that ads on YouTube are too many, too aggressive and that mid-video ads reduce the enjoyment of many on the site.

Now You: what would you pay for an ad-free experience on YouTube?

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