Latest Ventoy includes VentoyPlugson, a GUI configuration tool

Ventoy 1.0.62, the latest version of the popular open source tool to create bootable USB devices using disk images such as ISO, includes a new tool called VentoyPlugson.

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VentoyPlugson gives Ventoy users a graphical user interface to configure the tool. Up until now, Ventoy users could only configure the application through the ventoy.json file directly; this option is not going away, and users can even mix and match both options, e.g. by using VentoyPlugson to create a ventoy.json file and then editing the file manually to tweak it further,

The latest release version of Ventoy includes the tool in the zip archive. Windows users need to extract the archive that they download from the official repository and run VentoyPlugson.exe afterwards.

It displays a small GUI. Select the Ventoy USB device and then the Start button; this should open the configuration page in the default browser. If that does not work, use the Link button instead. There is also a refresh button if you need to connect the USB device to the system after launching the configuration tool.

Ventoy on Linux requires the following steps:

  1. sudo sh /dev/sdX
  2. Load in a system browser.

Note that sdX needs to be replaced with the device name of the Ventoy USB device, e.g. /dev/sdc.

The web page may be used to configure Ventoy. The configuration file ventoy.json is created automatically during the process.

The sidebar displays the available configuration options, e.g. theme plugin or password plugin. It is a good idea to go through all available sidebar pages to make sure the configuration is correct.

Ventoy’s configuration options are explained on this page. It can be used to make lots of changes, including bypassing Windows 11 system compatibility checks during installation, setting passwords, or managing persistence for some Linux distributions.

The new version of Ventoy includes the following changes next to that:

  • Add default_file option in theme plugin.
  • Add F5 Tools –> Theme Select menu to switch between themes.
  • Automatically fix volume abnormal status when do non-destructive install in Windows.
  • Optimization for FreeBSD boot process.
  • Optimization for
  • languages.json update

Closing Words

The new VentoyPlugson configuration tool improves the configuration process in several ways, including making the editing less error-prone and displaying the configuration options more pleasantly.

Not all Ventoy users need to manipulate the configuration file, but those who do, may find the new option useful, at least as an alternative to the existing direct editing option of the ventoy.json file.

Now You: have you used Ventoy in the past? What is your take on this new feature? (via Deskmodder)

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