Google Chrome 102 update patches 32 security issues (one critical)

Google published updates for the company’s Chrome web browser on May 24, 2022. The desktop version updates address security issues in the web browser.

google-chrome 102 security update

The Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrome 102 to the stable channel for Windows (102.0.5005.61/62/63), 102.0.5005.61 for Mac and Linux. Chrome 102 is also promoted to our new extended stable channel for Windows and Mac. This will roll out over the coming days/weeks.

Chrome 102 for desktop systems and mobile systems is available already. Google rolls out updates over time to the entire population. Desktop users who use Chrome can speed up the installation of the update to patch the security issues early.

Selecting Menu > Help > About Chrome displays the version of the browser that is installed. Chrome runs a check for updates when the page is opened; it should pick up the new version and install it automatically.

Chrome on Android updates rely on Google Play, which means that there is no option to speed up the upgrade on Android.

Google makes no mention of security issue fixes in the Android and iOS releases of the web browser.

Chrome 102: security fixes

Google Chrome 102 is available as a stable channel version and extended stable channel version. Stable versions are upgraded every 4 weeks, extended stable versions every 8 weeks.

The update includes a total of 32 security fixes. One issue has the highest severity rating of critical, several others a rating of high. The critical security issue is described as ” Use after free in Indexed DB” and filed under CVE-2022-1853.

Google makes no mention of attacks in the wild.  Chrome users should upgrade to the latest version quickly to protect their browsers against potential attacks targeting the new vulnerabilities

Chrome 102: improvements and features

Google lists 12 features that were added, removed or improved in Chrome 102 on the Chrome Status website. Most changes are of interest to developers only.

  • Add Save Data Client Hint
  • AudioContext.outputLatency
  • Calling without user activation
  • Capture handle
  • File Handling
  • HTTP->HTTPS redirect for HTTPS DNS records
  • Navigation API
  • Origin Private File System extension: AccessHandle
  • Secure Payment Confirmation API V3
  • WebHID exclusionFilters option in requestDevice()
  • [WebRTC] Deprecate and Remove Plan B
  • inert attribute

Descriptions of the changes are available on the Chrome Status website.

Now You: do you use Chrome? When do you update your browsers?

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