Microsoft Defender for Android, Apple iOS and macOS, and Windows now available

Microsoft Defender, the default security application on Windows, is now available as a standalone solution for the mobile operating systems Android and iOS, for Apple’s macOS operating system, and for Windows.

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Microsoft Defender for Individuals requires a Microsoft 365 subscription: a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription is required. The new application is based on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint technology, an Enterprise-grade security solution.

Individuals and families often use different device types and systems, and these often use different security solutions.

One of the core features of Microsoft Defender for Individuals is the centralized dashboard. Customers may install the security solution on their devices — with the exception of Linux, as a Linux version is not available at this time — and all versions can be managed from the dashboard.

Ashwin tested a preview of Microsoft Defender for Windows in February 2022, and described the process of managing devices as straightforward. Recognized third-party security solutions, Microsoft mentions the companies Norton and McAfee in the announcement, may be viewed from within the dashboard as well.

Microsoft Defender Preview - user interface

Microsoft Defender for Individuals protects devices against malware and runs antivirus scans on connected devices continuously. Microsoft notes in a footnote that malware protection is not available on Windows and iOS devices, if a security solution is installed already.

The security solution informs users in real-time about security changes, for instance, when threats are detected on connected devices.

Microsoft 365 subscribers may download Microsoft Defender for Individuals from the Microsoft 365 website. Downloads are provided for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. All download links redirect to the relevant Store locations, e.g., Google Play for the Android download, or the Microsoft Store for the Microsoft Defender for Windows store.

Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management, confirms that new security features will become available in the future.

Closing Words

Microsoft Defender for Individuals is a cross-platform security solution that protects devices it is installed on against malware. The centralized dashboard provides a view of the security status of all devices. Existing security solutions on Windows and iOS are not replaced by Microsoft’s solution, but if none is installed, Microsoft Defender will step in and protect the device.

The new standalone version is designed for customers who use different device types regularly. Nothing is gained from installing Microsoft Defender for Individuals on a single Windows PC. The dashboard would just report back what the installed security solution reports back as well on the device.

Customers who want a better view of security on all their devices may install Microsoft Defender for Individuals to get a basic view of the state of security.

Now You: will you use the new security application?

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