A Comprehensive 5G Enterprise Solution

Featuring ORAN Radio Units, customised CU/DU, and a robust 5G Core, the solution promises reliable, low-latency communication tailored for dense indoor settings. 


VVDN Technologies, a global provider of product engineering, manufacturing and digital services and solutions, have introduced a dependable, secure, and ready-to-deploy 5G Enterprise solution. The company claims that the private 5G package includes Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) Radio Units, customised Central Unit/Distributed Unit (CU/DU), and 5G Core. Driven by open, standard-based ORAN architectures, the solution caters to Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) and enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMMB) needs, ensuring uninterrupted indoor coverage in dense environments. The cloud-native 5G core offers a dependable, scalable, and distributed network, aiding operators and integrators in deploying IoT, Private Networks, and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) networks.

The company claims that the production-ready radio units are tailored for Private 5G Networks across diverse regions and markets. Their portfolio includes Low Power (4T4R 1W) and Mid Power (4T4R 20W) radio units optimal for Private 5G setups. Catering to global standards, VVDN’s radio units support Band 48 Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), Band n78/n77 (3400 to 4100 MHz), bandwidth up to 100Mhz, and TDD duplex modes 4 Transmit 4 Receive (4T4R) and 2 Transmit 2 Receive (2T2R) for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Joseph George, 5G Business Unit Head, VVDN Technologies said, “Leveraging our capabilities, experience and infrastructure in developing and manufacturing 5G telecom RAN solutions, we forayed into 5G enterprise space.  Telecom Operators, SI’s, OEMs are looking for simple ways to deploy private 5G networks which fundamentally starts with the right “Device” choice. VVDN, with ready to deploy “end-to-end device solution” that is tested and secure that will help accelerate 5G Enterprise deployment. VVDN’s complete private networking solution is aimed at giving Telcos, SI’s, OEM’s new opportunities to grow their enterprise business.”

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