AirTag ingenuity continues: Lost luggage, bull statues, stolen cars, and… potted plants?

We’ve seen Apple’s AirTag item tracker be used for tracking down lost luggage, over a million dollars of cash, stolen cars, and even a giant bull statue that was stolen from a taco restaurant. If you thought the story about the bull statue was out of left field, we have an even better one for you.

A couple in Philadelphia turned to AirTags after they repeatedly had their potted plants stolen from their front porch…

As reported by local news outlet Fox29, Jennifer and Kevin Bagby were growing increasingly frustrated that people kept swiping plants from their front porch, and they decided to put AirTags in each of the pots. The couple got the idea after posing a question about how to handle the situation in a local Facebook group.

Jennifer Bagby acknowledged that AirTags “seemed like a bit of overkill for plant,” but the couple pressed ahead with the idea anyway. “I was like ‘if you think about the cost of the pot, all the plants, and the time, the love and care, and yeah, the principal’ it was like ‘we’re doing this,’” she said.

Sure enough, days after putting the AirTags in the pots, one of the plants was stolen from the front porch yet again. The Find My app revealed that the AirTag was around a mile and a half away. The couple followed the location of the AirTag and ended up spotting a “man wheeling a cart full of plants” down the street.

“Honestly, it was such a quick interaction, we were like ‘Thanks, bye!’ and [the person with the cart] was like ‘I didn’t steal it!’ and I was like ‘Ok?’ and we just went on our merry way,” Jennifer said to Fox29. “I think it’s just one of those stories we’ll have in our pockets for when we’re sitting on the porch when we’re 90, we’re going to laugh about this.”

You can file this one under the category of “stories I never thought I’d write,” but here we are. I have to say, the ingenuity we’ve seen around AirTags is impressive. Apple’s little $29 item tracker never fails to impress.

If Apple ever wants to do an entire marketing campaign dedicated to AirTags, they sure have a lot of material from which to choose.

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