An anomalous Hall effect in edge-bonded monolayer graphene

An anomalous Hall effect (AHE) is usually presumed to be absent in pristine graphene due to its diamagnetism. In this work, we report that a gate-tunable Hall resistance Rxy can be obtained in edge-bonded monolayer graphene without an external magnetic field. In a perpendicular magnetic field, Rxy consists of a sum of two terms: one from the ordinary Hall effect and the other from the AHE (RAHE). Plateaus of Rxy ∼ 0.94h/3e2 and RAHE ∼ 0.88h/3e2 have been observed while the longitudinal resistance Rxx decreases at a temperature of 2 K, which are indications of the quantum version of the AHE. At a temperature of 300 K, Rxx shows a positive, giant magnetoresistance of ∼177% and RAHE still has a value of ∼400 Ω. These observations indicate the existence of a long-range ferromagnetic order in pristine graphene, which may lead to new applications in pure carbon-based spintronics.

Graphical abstract: An anomalous Hall effect in edge-bonded monolayer graphene