Anker Prime Chargers and Power Banks debut with GaN tech

Earlier this spring, Anker showed off its new Prime charging lineup and we got a hands-on look at what to expect. Now the new devices are finally shipping, just in time for all of the new Apple reveals happening next month. Ranging from its latest GaN chargers to all-new power banks with much of that same Gallium nitride tech in tow, we’re breaking down the new releases.

Anker launches new Prime chargers

Last year saw Anker launch its GaN Prime lineup, and now a year later, the company is back with its newest collection of iPhone and Mac accessories. Dropping the GaN from the naming shaming while keeping that very same technology onboard, the new Anker Prime collection takes another step towards offering some of the best Apple add-ons on the market.

If you want to skip how things all stack up and just go shop the collection for yourself, we have you covered with a breakdown of all the new Anker Prime chargers and power banks. We also previously reported on what to expect, while offering some comments from hands-on time with the new releases.

Anker Prime chargers now available:

Anker Prime power banks, too

Many of the listings also have 10% off coupons that you can clip to lock-in some launch savings.

A closer look at the new releases:

Headlining the collection are the new power banks, which take last year’s PowerCore 24K and amp things up a bit. The new collection starts off with the Anker Prime 250W Power Bank, a massive 27,650mAh battery that sports dual USB-C slots and a Type-A port for good measure. As its name suggests, it can dish out 250W of power from the three ports to handle charging two laptops at a time. All of that earns it a $179.99 price tag

Stepping down a tad, the lineup also includes a pair of other power banks. There’s the 200W Anker Prime model with a 20,000mAh battery, as well as the 130W version with 12,000mAh capacity. Each one sports an onboard display like last fall’s PowerCore 24K, too. 

One of the more novel elements of the new Anker Prime lineup are that the flagship power banks will all come paired with a charging dock. Making it even easier to keep your gear refueled, the new dock sells for $69.99 and on top of being able to juice up each of the batteries above, has its own 100W charger built in with two USB-C ports and a USB-A slot.

From there, you’re also looking at a batch of new wall adapters joining the lineup. From there, you’re also looking at a batch of new wall adapters joining the lineup. There are four new form-factors that range from more compact additions to your everyday carry to much more capable solutions that are fit for powering your whole desktop workstation. Designs are getting even more compact compared to last year’s GanPrime offerings, while delivering even more capable charging outputs.

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