Anton Paar Launches New High-Vacuum Gas Sorption Analyzer: Autosorb 6100

Delivering on the most important requirements for any characterization laboratory, Autosorb 6100 is a customizable instrument designed for the most challenging surface area and pore size distribution measurements in the nanometer range (0.35 nm to 500 nm).

Accuracy and Agility

The instrument comes with a leak-tight analysis system, precise manifold temperature control, and Anton Paar’s TruZone active coolant level control ensuring accurate detection of BET surface areas below 0.1 m2 with nitrogen. In addition, the long-lasting dewar lets operators conduct measurements that exceed 90 hours without requiring a refill of the dewar.

With three independent analysis stations and patented accessories, laboratories can flexibly analyze up to three different samples with three different analysis gases at three different temperatures simultaneously.

Accessibility and Adaptability

Autosorb 6100 comes with easy-to-use Kaomi software. The included Dosewizard system helps you with measurement definition, while our new PowderProtect feature reduces the risk of sample elutriation or loss of powder into the instrument.

The number of analysis stations (one, two, or three) and capabilities (Vaporsorption, CryoSync) can be selected to match your laboratory’s measurement and throughput requirements. As needs change, modular field upgrades allow the capabilities and analysis stations to be changed to meet revised requirements.


Autosorb 6100 complies with 15 ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards for surface area, pore size, and pore volume measurements. Anton Paar also has a global support network, so users can be sure that wherever they are, a qualified expert is nearby and ready to help.