Apple has one simple reason why it won’t allow Twitter to re-brand as “X” in the App Store

Apple is not allowing Twitter to list in the App Store under its new “X” name according to Beeping Computer (via Mashable). Apple isn’t doing this to be mean to Elon Musk or to prove a point. It has to do with an App Store rule created by Apple that requires apps to have more than a single character for their name. This doesn’t seem to be a problem over at the Google Play Store where the listing for the Android version of the app shows that it has the name of “X” without any mention of Twitter.
Meanwhile, the listing for the app in the App Store continues to show that the name of the platform is Twitter. Again, while iOS apps can contain as many as 30 characters, they must have at least two. The App Store listing does have some contradictions. For example, it does say that “The X app is the trusted digital town square for everyone.” But as we said, the listing still calls the app Twitter. And under the What’s New section of the listing it says, “We made improvements and squashed bugs so Twitter is even better for you.”

As has been typical throughout the Musk reign, things are not clear-cut at “X” or Twitter. Despite the new “X” sign placed at the top of the company’s San Francisco headquarters and the “X” branding on the platform, there still seems to be some confusion about what the social media site is called. But officially, it is called “X” and the re-branding is part of Musk’s plan to turn “X” into a super-app like China’s WeChat which is a social media platform, a mobile payment app, and an instant messaging service.

Eventually, we would expect to see Apple will give in and both major app storefronts will list the app as “X.” But until that happens, some have suggested that the iOS listing use a space either before or after the “X” as a workaround.

Musk should have made sure that all possible issues were taken care of before he announced the re-branding. In some markets, the website has been blocked as it has been mistaken for an X-rated porn site. But alas, shooting from the hip seems to be what Musk does best.