Apple mysteriously launches new Twitter marketing campaign for Apple Pay

Via Hashmoji, Apple has just launched a marketing campaign for two hashtags relating to Apple Pay: Both #ApplePay and #PayTheAppleWay hashtags are now accompanied by the tick icon in tweets.

It is possible that Apple is simply taking the summer to market Apple Pay more aggressively, especially as we have seen the service roll out to a lot more countries in recent weeks. But the new hashmojis also fuel speculation that a major new Apple Pay-related product announcement is imminent.

Sometimes, Apple merely sets up branded hashmoji (née hashflags) to support the launch of a new ad campaign. In this case, you can expect a new video commercial to go live this week.

But it’s also possible that Apple has new Apple Pay features to unveil. One such candidate would be the official rollout of Apple Pay Later, which has been in a “prerelease” phase available to select customers for a few months.

Other announcements could include the long-awaited launches of things like Apple Pay Cash and Apple Card in countries outside of the US, something that international Apple users have been waiting for for many years. There have been vague murmurs recently that Apple is readying an Apple Card-like service for India.

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