ASUS Zenfone 10 review: The only small phone worth buying in 2023

ASUS made a lot of changes to its Zenfone series over the last four years, and the current iteration of the portfolio is all about size. While other manufacturers are turning to larger and taller phones, ASUS is doubling down to deliver a phone that’s designed for one-handed use. That was the key differentiator with the Zenfone 9 last year, and ASUS is continuing down the same path with the Zenfone 10.

Therefore, the Zenfone 10 maintains the same diminutive size as its predecessor, coming in a height of under 150mm and width of under 70mm, giving it a distinct edge over just about every other phone I’ve used this year. While ASUS didn’t tweak the dimensions, there’s wireless charging on offer here — one of the most requested features, according to the brand.