Best 3D Printer Deals: 7 Printers Worth Your Time and Money

$40 at Amazon

The Sunlu filament dehydrator storage box with fan is displayed against a mint background.

Sunlu filament dryer storage box with fan: $40

Save $15

The popularity of 3D printing continues to rise, so grabbing a printer that meets your needs and budget isn’t as challenging as it once was. Whether you’re searching for an affordable entry-level model or are ready to upgrade to a high-end printer, you can find plenty of discounts worth taking advantage of available right now — and we’ve listed the best of them down below.

Finding a decent deal on a solid 3D printer is even more crucial if you’re a first-time buyer or are looking to buy one as a gift for a beginner. All the best 3D printers have advanced features that make your life easier, so if you can snag one for less than the normal price, that’s a big plus. These deals are always in flux, so keep checking for the latest and greatest.

Blue 3d printer on a table with window shutters behind it

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The Neptune 2 has been one of my favorite budget printers for years now, and the Neptune 3 Pro takes everything good about it, then multiplies it by… a lot. The pro has auto bed leveling and filament run-out sensors, and it prints with a quality you wouldn’t believe possible for a printer under $300. 

If you’re just starting out, the Neptune 3 Pro should be your go-to printer.

AnkerMake M5 3D printer on a table with a selection of printed skulls

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The AnkerMake M5 is a surprisingly good 3D printer from a company more well-known for making charging cables and portable batteries for cell phones. It prints at speeds far faster than anything else on this list and the models it produces are truly excellent at this speed.

The AI camera, while not very good in the AI department, does let you monitor your prints and even create excellent time-lapse videos for posting to your social accounts. 

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Ender 5 S1 on a wood table with a Fotis Mint Dragon

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The Creality Ender 5 S1, was one of the first 250mm/s printers to market and, while it is faster than a standard printer, it wasn’t as fast as it could have been at default. Creality 3D printers always require some tinkering to get the most out of them, and with a huge discount like this, it’s worth the time to tweak the 5 S1 to greatness.

Black 3D printer with a blue space man on it.


We recently reviewed this new entry-level printer, which offers fancy features like a self-leveling bed at a reasonable price. This printer is normally priced at around $200, but some sales do drop it lower than that. It’s a simple kit, that is easy to assemble and works surprisingly well for such a budget price.

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A black and red 3D printer with a rainbow vase on it


I’ve recently been working with the Finder 3 and I’m impressed with the quality it was able to produce straight from the box. It’s easy to set up and comes with a flexible build plate that you can replace the glass bed with. It makes it far easier to remove builds. This is the perfect printer for a teacher, as the enclosure makes it stable, and the slicer can control multiple printers at once via Wi-Fi.

elegoo mars 3 on a blue background


This is easily my favorite small resin 3D printer. It’s super fast and prints beautiful models every time. Elegoo is an old hand at resin printing, so every part you’ll ever need to replace is easily acquired at a reasonable price. The details that can be captured with the Mars 3 are stunning, and some of my favorite models have come from this little machine.

Any time you can get the Mars 3 on a discount is a good day, so snag one now.

The Elegoo Saturn 2 on a table with doors behind it

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The Elegoo Saturn 2 is my favorite resin printer right now. It prints incredibly detailed models at a speed that’s often astonishing. The bed size is much larger than the printers in the smaller category, while its footprint is much easier to deal with than other, larger printers. You can print finely detailed cosplay pieces or multiple tabletop miniatures with equal ease with the Saturn 2, making it perfect for a small business. 

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Materials and accessories

It’s not just the 3D printers themselves that are on sale. It’s often the accessories and materials too. While the savings aren’t as drastic — $5 to $10 savings, maybe — these add up over time when you have to buy a lot of materials for your projects.

The Sunlu filament dehydrator storage box with fan is displayed against a mint background.


This dehydrating storage box is a good accessory for people who live in high humidity environments and should help prevent your filament from being too wet, which can cause stringing, clogging and other issues that will affect your 3D prints. And right now you can save a little at Amazon.

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2 viking skull cups in titanium and gold plastic

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Burnt Titanium is my favorite color PLA. It’s the only one I have an Amazon subscription for and I’ve already used about 10 rolls this year. The purple-green-blue color seems to sparkle, covering layer lines beautifully. It prints well on every printer I’ve tried using it with, and at $21, it’s well worth stocking up on.