Best Apple TV Remote Cases for AirTags

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Elago R5 Locator Case

Best Siri remote with AirTag case

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2021 Remote Case for Apple Siri Remote (2nd gen)

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I hate remotes for one simple reason — they get lost, in the sheets, on the sofa, anywhere and everywhere. But there is a way to make them more likable. Thankfully, there are Apple TV remote cases with a spot built in for an AirTag, so that you don’t have to worry about losing the remote ever again. We’ll go over some of the best Apple TV remote cases for AirTags in this article.

The newest Apple TV remote is as perfect as it can be, with dedicated buttons and touch controls integrated nicely together. It’s also slightly bigger than previous generations, making it easier to hold and use without accidentally pressing things you didn’t mean to. However, there still isn’t a way to easily locate it if it goes missing in another room or in the couch.

Remotes get lost all the time — no matter the size. Products like the Roku Remote Pro make it easy for you to find them again. Apple’s AirTag technology opened up tons of new possibilities when it comes to tracking down lost items. And though the new remote doesn’t include a built-in U1 chip to help you locate it, there’s an easy way to get the same benefit: Combine it with an AirTag.


There are plenty of cases for the Apple TV’s Siri Remote. 

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Rather than just relying on a piece of tape, you can turn to a number of companies that’ve filled the hole Apple left open. They’ve created new Siri Remote cases that let you place an AirTag inside. 

We’ve tested four different options, for people who never want to lose their remote again.

What you’ll need 


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  • An Apple TV Siri remote.
  • An AirTag.
  • The Find My app on an iPhone, ideally an iPhone 11 or later so you can use Apple’s “precision finding feature” that points you exactly where to go.

Note: None of these cases came with an AirTag, so you’ll want to add $29 for that, on top of whichever case you buy for your $59 remote. 

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If you search for an Apple TV AirTags case on Amazon there are a number of very similar options, but few from any recognizable case brands. One exception we’ve found is Elago’s solution called the R5 Locator Case. The $17 accessory is a bit thicker than some other options, with the AirTag fully concealed in rubber as opposed to poking through a cutout on the back.

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Though the Elago is the best option, there are others. The next two cases are generic options purchased on Amazon. While the brands and prices are different, the products themselves seem to be virtually identical — to the point where both came in the same style boxes from China with the same markings and branding despite being listed by different sellers. 

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For DIY fans: 3D printed case (price varies) 


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Our fourth case comes from CNET’s senior managing editor — and 3D printing enthusiast — Dan Ackerman. If you already have a 3D printer and spool, this could be the easiest and cheapest option with CAD files available online for you to assemble one yourself. 

Ackerman says that the process didn’t take him “too long, because I didn’t change the design I found online, I just sliced and optimized it in a 3D program.” He adds that all told it was “maybe an hour for all the research and setup, two and a half hours to print.” 

As with all 3D printing jobs, your mileage will vary on how many tries it will take to get this right. For our test, Ackerman says that the first print worked OK, though he didn’t have a remote on hand when he did the print. In using it, I found the case definitely feels more rigid than the rubber options and was a bit harder to insert and remove both the AirTag and remote. You may need some trial and error to get a more suitable fit. 

It may not be the most polished solution out the gate, but for those looking to DIY a fix, it can work.