Best back to school tech deals 2023 — Chromebooks, smartphones, watches, and more

The back to school sales have landed, and we’re actively gathering all of the best tech deals below. It was a long, hot summer for students all over the globe, and while the long, hot part likely hasn’t changed, it’s nearly time to strap on the old backpack and get back to work. 

For middle school to high school and college-aged students, this list features a bounty of great devices that should make your educational journey easier. When shopping for a back to school deal, don’t just grab the cheapest device on the list. Take a look at the specs and think about the features that are most important for a student: reliability, portability, and performance. Will it fit in a backpack? Does it have enough battery life to last through the school day? Asking yourself these questions will be a major help when settling on a discounted device.