Best Fuel Stabilizer For Any Automobile | Reviews & Buying Guide

Fuel is important for any automobile since it produces the required energy for motion. Every fuel has a certain expiry date after which it loses its combustion properties. Combine this with scenarios where you have to leave your vehicle unused for a long time. Oxidation can cause corrosion of the fuel tank’s inner walls and even leaves a greasy deposit when it enters the engine for combustion.

Fuel stabilizers can be used to prevent these problems. This petroleum product is mixed with fuel to reduce oxidation and moisture content. Every fuel stabilizer uses a different composition of chemicals. A bad feudal stabilizer will do more damage than stale fuel. Therefore, you must consider certain factors before buying a fuel stabilizer.

  • Fuel compatibility: The important thing about a fuel stabilizer is its compatibility with different types of fuel. Gasoline has different chemical properties than diesel and ethanol. A gasoline fuel stabilizer will not work in the case of diesel or ethanol. Being compatible with the fuel also helps in the combustion process.
  • Protection period: Fuel stabilizers are introduced when fuel will not be used for a long time. After mixing, a fuel stabilizer will continue to protect the fuel from oxidation for a certain duration. Beyond this time, the fuel stabilizer starts losing its effectiveness. This property helps in storing the fuel for a long time.
  • Treatment capacity: Fuel stabilizers are usually a concentrated solution of various chemical agents. Being concentrated, only small portions of stabilizer fluid can be used to treat a larger volume of fuel. Treatment capacity helps in deciding the dosage of stabilizer per gallon/liter of fuel.

Having the necessary knowledge about these factors will save you from buying the wrong fuel stabilizer. Since everyone cares for their automobiles, there are various brands that offer good quality fuel stabilizers. We have compiled a list of such options to assist your selection process. A “Buying Guide” is also provided to address all the doubts related to fuel stabilizers.

Best Fuel Stabilizer List

Best Fuel Stabilizer Reviews

1. STA-BIL Fuel StabilizerSTA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer

The first product on the list is from a well-known brand, Sta-Bil. It offers a range of products for engine maintenance. Its high-performance stabilizers are recommended as official parts of various OEMs.

The Sta-Bil Storage Fuel Stabilizer is based on a high-concentration formula. It is suitable for gasoline, ethanol, and E10 to E85 blended fuels. The stabilizer easily mixes with the fuel and instantly releases its protection properties. It keeps the fuel fresh for over 24 months by restricting the formation of corrosion or other byproducts.

By using only 16 oz of the stabilizer fluid, you can treat over 40 gallons of fuel. The body of the bottle can be used to pour proper portions of the stabilizer. It is compatible with regular 4-stroke engines as well as older 2-stroke engines.

Best Features:

  • Storage fuel stabilizer
  • The treatment capacity of 40 gallons of fuel per 16 oz of stabilizer liquid
  • 1 oz liquid treats 2.5 gallons of fuel
  • Suitable for Gasoline, Ethanol, and blended fuels (E10 to E85 percent)
  • The protection period of over 24 months


  • It restricts the formation of slug, corrosion, or condensation
  • It is suitable for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines
  • The stabilizer assists the combustion process and quickly starts the engine after a long storage time


  • It doesn’t offer lubrication of the fuel line

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2. Royal Purple Fuel Stabilizer

Royal Purple Fuel StabilizerRoyal Purple is a manufacturer of high-performance lubrication products. It caters to domestic as well as industrial applications. With the help of experienced formulators, it develops both synthetic and mineral-based stabilizers.

The Royal Purple 11722 Max-Clean Fuel Cleaner and Stabilizer is a multifunctional unit. It keeps the fuel from going bad for a long period of time. This fuel stabilizer has performance-oriented properties too. It cleans the whole fuel line, which results in increased engine performance.

The 20 oz bottle can treat over 20 gallons of fuel. Its properties help in increasing the fuel economy and reducing the emission of the vehicle. It is suitable for gasoline, diesel, bio-fuels, and blended ethanol fuels. The stabilizer is compatible with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines and eliminates their knocking problem.

Best Features:

  • Storage and performance fuel stabilizer
  • Treats 20 gallons of fuel per 20 oz of stabilizer fluid
  • Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion property
  • Compatible with all types of fuel and blended fuels
  • Work with 2 and 4-stroke engines


  • It is capable of cleaning the whole fuel line to improve the engine performance
  • The stabilizer also helps in improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions
  • The common knocking problems in 2-stroke engines are easily taken care of


  • The overall storage period is low

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3. Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer

Yamaha Fuel StabilizerYamaha has been involved with the development and production of engines for its automobiles. To suit its engines, it specially develops its own stabilizers. Its products have properties that increase the life of the engine.

The Yamaha Yamalube ACC-FSTAB-PL-32 Fuel Stabilizer is also a fuel-conditioner unit. It is an alcohol-free stabilizer that remains mixed with the fuel for a long time. This 32 oz bottle is capable of treating over 32 Gallons of fresh fuel. It is made for ethanol-blended E10 fuels and can be used with 2 and 4-stroke engines.

Having fuel-conditioning properties, it restricts the buildup of moisture. It keeps the ethanol from phase separation which can lead to the buildup of water particles. The inner walls of the fuel tank and fuel line are thereby kept safe from corrosion.

Best Features:

  • Storage and fuel-conditioning stabilizer
  • The treatment capacity of 32 gallons of fresh fuel per 32 oz fluid
  • Suitable for E10 ethanol-blended fuel
  • Compatible with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines


  • The stabilizer restricts the separation of ethanol and water molecules
  • Fuel lines and fuel tank walls are protected against corrosion
  • The alcohol-free composition keeps the stabilizer blended with fuel for a long time


  • It is only suitable for the low storage duration

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4. STP Fuel StabilizerSTP Fuel Stabilizer

With its expertise of six decades in oil additives, STP has a wider range of automotive products. It offers engine care products for car enthusiasts as well as professional racers.

The STP Multi-Purpose Fuel Stabilizer is used for storage and conditioning purposes. Only ¾ oz of the stabilizer fluid is enough to treat 1 gallon of fuel. Therefore, this 16 oz bottle can be used for 21 gallons of fuel in one go. The stabilizer easily blends with gasoline as well as diesel fuel. It can be used with 2 and 4-stroke engines.

Along with storage, it is capable of cleaning the deposits in engine and fuel lines. The antioxidant property offers resistance to the buildup of the rust layer. It also maintains the flowability of fuel over long storage intervals.

Best Features:

  • Storage and fuel conditioning stabilizer
  • The treatment capacity of 21 gallons of fuel with a 16 oz stabilizer
  • Compatible with 2 and 4-stroke engines
  • Suitable for gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Antioxidant, acid-repressing, etc properties


  • It helps in cleaning deposits from the inner walls
  • Enhances the flowability of fuel and offers lubrication to the engine
  • The anti-moisture property saves metallic walls from corrosion


  • Not suitable for ethanol-blended fuels

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5. Lucas Oil Fuel Stabilizer

Lucas Oil Fuel StabilizerLucas Oil is a well-known brand in the lubricant and additives industry. The brand is not limited to automotive applications. It offers a premium range of additives to solve problems related to any type of engine.

The Lucas Oil 10303 Fuel Stabilizer is used to avoid the degradation of fuel over a long time. The fuel stabilizer comes in a 1-quart bottle (32 oz). This bottle is capable of treating 32 gallons of fuel. Any grade of gasoline fuel is suitable with this stabilizer. Therefore it can be used with a 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline engine. This stabilizer prevents the separation process of gasoline and avoids oxidation.

Apart from storage, this stabilizer also takes care of cleaning and lubrication of fuel lines. It keeps any type of debris away from the carburetor or fuel injector and results in an efficient spray of fuel. Its application ranges from generators, motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc

Best Features:

  • Storage and fuel cleaning stabilizer
  • The treatment capacity of 32-gallon fuel per 32 oz of stabilizer fluid
  • Suitable for mixing with any grade of gasoline fuel
  • Compatible with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines
  • Maintains fuel system components like carburetors or fuel injectors


  • It helps in cleaning and lubrication of the fuel line and engine
  • The breaking phenomenon of gasoline is restricted leading to zero oxidation
  • Flowability of the fuel remains the same over a long storage time


  • The price per ounce is more expensive than other options

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6. MERCURY Fuel Stabilizer

MERCURY Fuel StabilizerMercury Marine started its journey by creating water engines and propellers. Sensing the need for engine maintenance for marine applications, it developed its own range of additives. The products offer excellent quality along with good reliability.

The Mercury Quickstor Fuel Stabilizer is suitable for storing fuel for months. This fuel stabilizer has a strong concentration level. It is thereby capable of treating 60 pounds of fuel by using only 12 oz of stabilizer fluid. The stabilizer works well with all grades of gasoline and ethanol-blended fuels. It is thereby compatible with 2 and 4-stroke engines.

The properties of the stabilizer reduce the formation of debris in the fuel tank. It also prevents the fuel from turning thick and keeps it flowable. The fuel is saved from the separation phenomenon, which is responsible for fuel oxidation. It also assists in the combustion process of fuel.

Best Features:

  • Storage fuel stabilizer
  • A protection period of 1 year
  • The treatment capacity of 60-gallon fuel per 12 oz
  • Compatible with all grades of gasoline and ethanol-based fuels
  • Anti-breakdown property


  • The inner walls of the fuel tank and fuel system are kept safe from oxidation and corrosion
  • Fuel does not thicken when stored for a long time
  • It has a higher treatment capacity of 5-gallon fuel per ounce


  • Not suitable for diesel engines

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7. Gold Eagle Fuel Stabilizer

Gold Eagle Fuel StabilizerAnother product from the Sta-Bil brand has made it to our list. It is the smaller sibling of the previously mentioned Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer. This product has all the qualities of the brand to offer good maintenance properties.

The Sta-Bil Gold Eagle Fuel Stabilizer is a smaller version of the already discussed Sta-Bil product. It also uses a strong concentrated composition. It is thereby capable of treating 25 gallons of fuel with just 10 oz quantity.  The fuel can be stored for 12 months and will be fresh as new due to the properties of the stabilizer.

Speaking of compatibility, it can be used with all grades of ethanol-blended fuels. Being combustible, it supports burning and helps in the cold starting of the engine. It can be used with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

Best Features:

  • Storage fuel stabilizer
  • A treatment capacity of 25 gallons of fuel per 10 oz of stabilizer liquid
  • Suitable for all grades of ethanol-based fuels
  • A protection period of over 12 months
  • Compatible with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines


  • Suitable for medium to large fuel tanks
  • The stabilizer starts the engine quickly even after a long storage time
  • The price of this stabilizer is lower than other options


  • It does not have lubrication property

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8. PRI Fuel Stabilizer

PRI Fuel StabilizerPower Research Inc (PRI) has a global presence in adaptive technology. Its fuel treatment products have developed with the changing time by using new technologies. As a result, the products show good performance and flexibility.

The PRI 16-G Fuel Stabilizer can be used for fuel storage and performer application. Being a super concentrated solution, it has a treatment ratio of 1:2000. This high treatment ratio helps in treating over 512 gallons of fuel per quart (32 oz). This industrial-grade stabilizer can be used with all grades of gasoline fuel to keep them for a longer time.

It has a good combustion property which assists in the burning of fuel after storing it for a long time. This property enhances the power output from the engine. It also enhances the properties of degraded fuel and helps in restoring it. The stabilizer’s property also restricts the formation of scaling and debris.

Best Features:

  • Storage and performance fuel stabilizer
  • The treatment ratio of 1:2000 units
  • A treatment capacity of 512 gallons of fuel per quart of stabilizer (32 oz)
  • Suitable for all grades of gasoline fuel


  • This stabilizer has excellent combustion protein that assists in starting the engine after a long time
  • Being an alcohol-free additive, the chances of oxidation are eliminated
  • A higher treatment rate makes it a cost-effective option


  • It does not have lubrication properties

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9. Honda Fuel Stabilizer

Honda Fuel Stabilizer

Pro Honda Oils is active in the oil and chemical market for automobiles. It uses very hard performance and durability tests to develop a good quality product. Its products are mostly used for performance racing and regular applications.

The Pro Honda Fuel Stabilizer uses a special formula for long storage applications. The chemical composition of this stabilizer helps in keeping the fuel fresh for 12 months. With a treatment ratio of 1:10, it can treat over 320 gallons of fuel with only 32 oz fluid. A measuring dispenser is provided to accurately mix the fluid. It is suitable for all grades of ethanol-based fuels.

The stabilizer can be comfortably used with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. It reduces the formation of scaling or field deposits in the fuel system. It does not support oxidation and keeps corrosion problems away from the fuel tank. Combustion quality is also improved by this stabilizer to ensure the quick starting of the engine.

Best Features:

  • Storage and conditioning fuel stabilizer
  • The protection period of 12 months
  • A treatment capacity of 320 gallons per 32 oz of stabilizer
  • Inbuilt measurement dispenser
  • Suitable for all grades of ethanol-based fuels


  • The fuel stabilizer helps in quicker combustion of 2 and 4-stroke engines
  • It reduces the formation of debris and deposits in the fuel system
  • By restricting oxidation, it eliminates the possibility of corrosion


  • It is priced higher than other options on the list

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10. CRC Fuel Stabilizer

CRC Fuel StabilizerCRC offers maintenance solutions for every type of automobile. With experience of more than six decades, superior quality products are produced. Due to its specialized formulas, CRC products have a good performance.

Th CRC 06162 Marine Fuel Stabilizer is an industrial-grade unit. It uses special chemical composition to preserve the fuel for a long period. You can treat 80 gallons of fuel with this 16 oz bottle. It has properties that help in minimizing damage to gasoline fuel caused by ethanol blending. This additive is compatible with 2 and 4-stroke engines and does not hinder their performance.

It has great combustion properties that are useful in starting a vehicle in cold temperatures. There is no buildup of deposits over the fuel line walls which results in cleaner fuel. Fuel does not become thick and remains flowable around the year. The additive also helps in preventing oxidation and keeps the fuel fresh for a long time.

Best Features:

  • Storage fuel stabilizer
  • The treatment capacity of 80-gallon fuel with 16 oz fluid
  • Suitable for ethanol-based gasoline fuels
  • Works fine with 2 and 4-stroke engines


  • It has great antioxidation properties, which prevent corrosion
  • Fuel consistency remains same all the year
  • It helps in cold starting the engine in the winter season


  • Not suitable for diesel fuels and engines

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Buying Guide For The Best Fuel Stabilizer

To keep your fuel tanks and engines away from damage, a fuel stabilizer works continuously. Now that we have gone through all the best options for a fuel stabilizer, we must get familiar with a few factors. These factors govern the overall quality and working of the fuel stabilizer. By neglecting them, you might end up buying the wrong or a poor-quality fuel stabilizer. We are providing this buying guide to walk you through them one by one.

1. Fuel Compatibility

When buying a fuel stabilizer, its compatibility with your automobile’s fuel must be checked. Some fuel stabilizers are developed to work with both diesel and gasoline engines. Most fuel stabilizers work only with the specified fuel. Gasoline stabilizers have different properties which suit the chemical structure of gasoline fuel. Using a diesel stabilizer will not work since diesel fuel has a different chemical structure. The fuel compatibility property also helps in choosing the stabilizer for small or larger-capacity engines with carburetors or fuel injectors.

2. Stabilizer Type

A stabilizer is mainly classified into two types: storage and performance fuel stabilizers. The classification is based on their applications. The storage fuel stabilizer has properties that help in storing fuel for a long time. They are used to keep the fuel from getting stale in seasons like snow when vehicles are not regularly used. On the other hand, performance fuel stabilizers are for instant use. They are mixed with fuel to enhance engine performance. They lead to the efficient burning of fuel in the engine which helps in getting maximum output at the wheels. It boosts fuel quality for a short period.

3. Protection Period

It is important to have an idea about how long a fuel stabilizer can last to protect your fuel from going bad. You don’t want to select a stabilizer that will last for only a few days. Depending on the applications, fuel might stand still in a tank for a few weeks to a few months. Fuel stabilizers will easily handle this time interval since most fuel stabilizers offer 12 to 24 months of protection. This is useful for emergency generators or even for restoration vehicles since they spend most of their time unused.

4. Treatment Capacity

Every fuel stabilizer is a concentrated solution of various chemical agents. Hence, every stabilizer has a different treatment capacity. A certain dosage of oil stabilizer is set for treating a specific volume of fuel. To keep the fuel stabilizer measurement simple, most manufacturers offer dosage markings on the bottle’s cap. Semi-transparent bottles have markings on their body that specifies available liquid level. For example, half a bottle of stabilizer liquid can treat over 50 gallons of fuel.

5. Chemical Properties

Certain properties are expected from a fuel stabilizer to protect fuel. It must have anti-oxidation agents to prevent the air in the fuel tank from dissolving in the fuel. Some stabilizers use marine-grade chemicals which show excellent demulsification properties. It separates the water particles from the fuel which causes corrosion of the tank wall. Properties like flowability keep the fuel flowable in extremely cold temperatures. This helps in keeping fuel ready for the fuel injection process. The mixability of the stabilizer is equally important since it offers better solubility of fuel particles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are fuel stabilizers suitable for expired fuels?

Ans: Fuel stabilizers are not useful in case of expired fuel. However, they can be used with degrading fuels. It stops fuel from further degradation by balancing the chemical properties. It is therefore recommended to add a fuel stabilizer to a fresher batch of fuel.

2. Can you use a fuel stabilizer in fuel-injected engines?

Ans: Fuel stabilizers are, in fact, recommended for injected engines. Its chemical properties help in preventing the formation of debris in fuel. As the fuel injectors are very sensitive parts, even small amounts of debris affect their fuel-spraying ability. Fuel stabilizer also keeps the fuel flowable, another suitable property for injectors. They also help in the lubrication of the inner parts of engines.

3. What happens if you mix more fuel stabilizers than the prescribed dosage?

Ans: There is a certain dosage of fuel stabilizer set for a specific volume of fuel. Exceeding this limit won’t harm your fuel or engine. Being an essential additive for preserving fuel, it has chemical properties which keep the fuel from going bad. Using a good amount of fuel stabilizer won’t hurt and it will still work the same.

4. Are fuel stabilizers compatible with all fuels?

Ans: The fuel stabilizers are always fuel-specific. Their properties are based on the chemical composition of the fuel. Also, the engine specifications are different for different fuels. Therefore, a gasoline fuel stabilizer will not work effectively with a diesel engine and vice versa. But when ethanol or other alternatives are mixed in gasoline or diesel, a fuel stabilizer that controls ethanol properties can be used.


Adulteration in fuel is not the only enemy of your automobile’s engine. A slate fuel will do more harm in the long run if you are not using your automobile regularly. What goes into your fuel tank will eventually go to your engine, and you don’t want your engine to seize. Fuel stabilizers have been boon for the automobile’s fuel tank and engine since its inception. Today we learned so much about these “fuel savers” in detail. The buying guide also works like a fuel stabilizer to keep you away from any confusion. By referring to this discussion, we have also chosen our favorite options from the list.

  • If you want to treat large volumes of fuel, then the PRI Fuel Stabilizer is the best choice. This option has the highest treatment ratio of 1:2000 units, on the list. This fuel stabilizer is thereby capable of treating 512 gallons of fuel with just 32 oz. It works well with all grades of gasoline fuel and keeps it fresh for a longer period. Apart from storage, it also assists in the constitution of fuel. This property comes in handy during cold temperatures. The chemical additives help in restoring a degrading fuel and enhance its core properties. Restricting the scale formation, this stabilizer also helps in the maintenance of the fuel system.
  • If you need to store your fuel for a very long time, the STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer will be an ideal choice. It is a very high-concentrated additive that can be used with gasoline and ethanol-mixed fuels. It helps in protecting the fuel properties and keeps it fresh for over 24 months. By using only 16 oz of stabilizer, over 40 gallons of fuel can be treated. It enhances the combustion of 2 and 4-stroke engines. The fuel remains flowable till it is used in the combustion chambers of the engine. The anti-oxidation property also assists in offering a long protection period.
  • When it comes down to affordable options, the Gold Eagle Fuel Stabilizer is a clear winner. It does not compromise when it comes to performance. This 10 oz fuel stabilizer has the ability to treat over 25 gallons of fuel. Its chemical composition helps in keeping the ethanol-based fuel properties balanced. As a result, the fuel remains fresh even after storing it for 12 months. It also helps the fuel in the combustion process, irrespective of a cold temperature. The stabilizer can handle 2-stroke as well as 4-stroke engine conditions easily. In short, this option is a perfect blend of performance and aggressive pricing.