Best iPhone Lenses Reviews in 2023

The world recently witnessed the launch of the most powerful iPhone series. One of the most sought-after features of iPhones has been the amazing camera setup for its accurate color production and high-resolution quality. With these smartphones, the owners of previous iPhone models might feel the need to upgrade their current devices. Since buying a new device would cost you more, why not get a camera lens for a fraction of its cost?

The iPhone lenses are external units that can be clipped on the base camera. These use different configurations, including wide angle lens, macro lens, or the fisheye wide angle lens. Since users get multiple options for the lens upgrade, the performance of basic cameras is significantly improved. Here are some of the factors that are associated with iPhone lenses.

  • Compatible Models: Every generation of the iPhone has a significantly improved design with a different placenta of the camera modules. The clip-on lenses are designed by keeping the placement of the iPhone cameras in mind. As a result, the lens should be compatible with the models to get the most out of them. The iPhone lenses are compatible with models ranging from the 6 series to the recent 14 series models.
  • Wide Angle: Wide angle is an essential factor when it comes to photography. The iPhone lenses are not different from other lenses. The wide angle lens helps in capturing more area than a normal lens could not achieve. In simple words, this lens zooms out the current view, covering a broad area. The angle for a wide-angle lens ranges between 120 degrees to 140 degrees.
  • Focal Length: The focal length of an iPhone lens refers to the distance between its optical center and the camera sensor. The higher scale of focal length results in a narrowed-down angle of view. It also results in a higher magnification from the lens. The focal length can be fixed or variable, depending on the lens. The range usually starts from 10mm and goes up to 10,000mm (magnified).

To get the most out of the camera lens, you must consider these factors. Due to the launch of the latest iPhone models, compatible lenses are already pouring into the market. To avoid confusion between multiple lenses, we have compiled a list of the best iPhone lenses in this article. A “Buying Guide” is also discussed to simplify your selection process for the best iPhone lenses.

Best iPhone Lenses Table

Best Iphone Lenses Compatible models Wide angle Focal length Buy Now
Xenvo iPhone Lenses All iPhones models 140 degrees 35 mm Check On Amazon
Ailun iPhone Lenses iPhone 12 Pro max, 13 Pro 180 degrees (fisheye) Check On Amazon
Criacr iPhone Lenses iPhone 6, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13 180 degrees (fisheye) 15 mm Check On Amazon
LEKNES iPhone Lenses All iPhone models 120 degrees,

198 degrees (fisheye)

10 mm Check On Amazon
KEYWING iPhone Lenses iPhone 6, 7, 8 plus, X, XR, XS, SE, 11, 12, 13 Pro 120 degrees,

198 degrees (fisheye)

33.1 mm Check On Amazon
RuiGE iPhone Lenses All iPhone models 120 degrees,

198 degrees (fisheye)

35 mm Check On Amazon
Mocalaca iPhone Lenses iPhone 14, 13, 12 Pro, 12, 11, upto 6 198 degrees (fisheye) 50 to 10,000 mm Check On Amazon
Godefa iPhone Lenses iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, X, up to 6 series 198 degrees (fisheye) 14 to 100 mm Check On Amazon
Miao LAB iPhone Lenses iPhone 8, 7, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 140 degrees,

205 degrees (fisheye)

35 mm Check On Amazon

Best iPhone Lenses Reviews

1. Xenvo iPhone Lenses

Xenvo iPhone LensesXenvo iPhone Lenses

Xenvo aims to create the finest accessories for the smartphones. With its range of professional lens kits, tripods, and other products, it helps the user capture memorable moments of their lives.

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone is one of the premium offerings on this list. This kit includes two different types of lenses. The first lens is a TruView wide angle lens, while the second one is a Clarus macro lens. The wide-angle lens gets a 0.45x zoom, to assure 45% more detail is captured. The macro lens has a 15x magnification which helps in capturing details of very small subjects. You can easily use these lenses with all iPhone models.

The maximum focal length of 35 mm helps in reducing distortion without affecting the quality. Both clip-on lenses are made up of aluminum frames and use premium optical glass. With the protective coating, these lenses effectively reduce lens flare and other deformities. You also get a GlowClip LED light to illuminate your surroundings in low-lighting conditions.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 2 lenses
  • Compatible with all iPhone models
  • A 0.45x wide angle lens and 15x macro lens
  • Maximum focal length of 35mm
  • GlowClip light with 3 brightness settings
  • Aluminum frame with coated optical glass


  • The quality offered by these lenses is impressive
  • The supplied light has a good brightness level
  • The light offers better illumination in low-light conditions


  • It is priced higher than other options

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2. Ailun iPhone Lenses

Ailun iPhone LensesAilun iPhone LensesWith a span of 10 years, Ailun has risen as an ambitious brand in the electronics market. With the help of a professional team, it pays the highest attention to the development of quality products for consumers.

The Ailun 3 in 1 Clip On Phone Lens is a suitable upgrade for a triple camera setup. All three lenses are made up of advanced lanthanide optical glass and fitted in a top-grade aluminum frame. The wide-angle lens offers 0.65x magnification to fit over 65% more information in a single frame. The 10x macro lens can dive deeply into the subject’s details with impressive clarity.

Capture a lot more via the fisheye lens since it offers a viewing angle of 180 degrees. As explained earlier, these lenses are suitable for triple camera settings. These lenses can thereby be used with the iPhone 12,13 pro or even the newer models. The clamps feature soft rubber to prevent damage to the phone’s surface, under clamping force.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 3 lenses
  • Compatible with 12,13, and later models
  • A 0.65x wide angle lens and 15x macro lens
  • A fisheye lens with 180 degrees wide angle
  • Top-grade aluminum frame with lanthanide optical glass
  • Soft rubber cushion on clamps


  • The performance of the macro lens is impressive
  • The coating on each lens is durable and keeps it away from environmental attack
  • The clamp can also fit with some of the older iPhone models


  • It takes time to adjust to the auto-focus feature

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3. Criacr iPhone Lenses

Criacr iPhone LensesCriacr iPhone LensesCriacrDirect is a manufacturer and supplier of professional accessories for cell phones. It offers a range of high-quality lenses which are priced aggressively. This helps in making the products available to the masses.

The Criacr Phone Camera Lens is the most affordable pack on the list. It includes 3 different types of professional HD lenses made up of high-class glass. The 0.4x-0.6x wide lens helps in decreasing or increasing the information from a scene. The focal length can be adjusted between 10 to 15 mm to maximize the captured view. To enter into the world of macro photography, the 15x macro lens assures a distortion-free view.

To combine the panoramic view into a single photo, the 180-degree fisheye lens works perfectly. A PVC clip helps in securing the lenses with maximum grip and zero scratches. The offset design of this clip allows the lenses to be used for iPhone models ranging from the 6 series to the 13 series.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 3 lenses
  • Compatible with iPhone 6 to iPhone 13 models
  • A 0.4x-0.6x wide angle lens and 15x macro lens
  • Maximum focal length of 15mm
  • A fisheye lens with 180 degrees wide angle
  • GlowClip light with 3 brightness settings
  • Durable clips made up of PVC
  • Lightweight frame with HD coating glass


  • It is the most aggressively priced unit on the list
  • Since each lens has individual threads, the mounting process becomes easy
  • The wide-angle lens offers accurate adjustment


  • The macro lens struggles in low-light conditions

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4. LEKNES iPhone Lenses

LEKNES iPhone LensesLEKNES iPhone LensesLEKNES produces accessories for cell phones, including a wide range of lenses. These products are loaded with innovative technologies to assist the user in capturing their favorite moments.

The LEKNES Upgraded 3 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit includes 3 different types of premium optic lenses housed in an industrial aluminum frame. It includes a 120-degree wide angle lens which replicates the view of a human eye. The maximum focal length of 10 mm works in favor of the wide-angle lens. Paired with it, the 198-degree wide-angle fisheye lens creates a beautiful wide-angle view.

The kit also includes a macro lens which offers improved close-up shots from a distance of only 1.18-inch. The mourning of lenses is easy by screwing them on the clip. This clip is secure and uses rubber to prevent scratches. The unique design of the lens holder makes it possible to use individual lenses every time.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 3 lenses
  • Compatible with all iPhone models
  • A 120-degree wide-angle lens and a macro lens
  • A fisheye lens with 198 degrees wide angle
  • Maximum focal length of 10 mm
  • Industrial aluminum frame with premium optical lenses


  • The kit comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The clip length is longer and can be mounted on camera modules placed away from the edges of the phone
  • The macro lens offers a constant performance even if the subject is placed at a long distance


  • The thread of lenses needs to be handled with care as they wear easily

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5. KEYWING iPhone Lenses

KEYWING iPhone LensesKEYWING iPhone LensesKEYWING develops products by understanding the needs of the consumers. As a result, the majority of its lenses have a user-friendly design and impressive durability.

The KEYWING Phone Camera Lens Kit also includes 3 different types of lenses. All these lenses have a cleaner design and suit your iPhone. The 20x macro lens offers the highest magnification amongst the competitors, to bring the macro world close to you. A 120-degree wide lens with a 33.1 mm focal length helps you capture 10% more information. The visual effect created by the 198-degree wide fisheye lens is worthy.

Each lens is made up of advanced lanthanide optical glass to reduce reflection or ghosting. To offer optimum protection to these lenses, the frame is made up of high-grade aluminum material. The mounting clip features a stronger spring which is tuned for maximum grip. The soft rubber layer protects the iPhones from clip-related damage.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 3 lenses
  • Compatible with iPhone 6 to 13 series and later models
  • A 120-degree wide angle lens and 20x macro lens
  • A 198 degree wide angle fisheye lens
  • Maximum focal length of 33.1mm (1.31 inches)
  • A high-grade aluminum frame with advanced lanthanide optical glass


  • The amount of depth offered by the macro lens is commendable
  • All lenses easily adapt to the auto-focus feature of the main camera module
  • The finish quality of the lenses is good and does not have irregularities


  • It struggles while mounting on the front camera of older models

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6. RuiGE iPhone Lenses

RuiGE iPhone LensesRuiGE iPhone LensesProducts from RuiGE are designed to compete with the other brands but offer more functionality. Apart from a good performance, these products are usually offered in value-combo packs.

The RuiGE Phone Camera Lens Kit is designed to turn a normal camera into a professional one. It includes 3 different lenses, suitable for different applications. The 120-degree wide-angle lens is suitable for capturing wide views of any landscape. The maximum focal length of 35mm helps the camera in any type of situation. The 198-degree wide-angle fisheye lens combines a panoramic view into a narrower one.

With the 20x macro lens, your iPhone’s camera does not leave a single detail from the subject. The advanced lanthanide optical glass used for each lens is responsible for clear and defect-free shots. The rigid aluminum shell keeps the optical glass protected against damage. The universal clip easily mounts the majority of iPhone models.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 3 lenses
  • Compatible with all iPhone models
  • A 120-degree wide angle lens and 20x macro lens
  • A 198 degree wide angle fisheye lens
  • Maximum focal length of 35mm
  • Lanthanide optical glass embedded in a rigid aluminum frame


  • The wide-angle lens works well with the base camera module
  • The fisheye lens has a very negligible distortion compared to other models
  • The high-quality glass used for the lenses has good durability


  • Clamping power struggles to adjust to the varying thickness of iPhone models

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7. Mocalaca iPhone Lenses

Mocalaca iPhone LensesMocalaca iPhone LensesMocalaca offers lens kits for a wide range of segments, including rookie and professional users. By placing products in each segment, it ensures that users get the highest value against their investment.

The Mocalaca Phone Camera Lens Kit is suitable for professional cinematography. This kit includes over 11 different types of lenses, giving the user a wide range of options. All the lenses are made up of high-class glass to prevent glare or reflections. The kit features a 0.63x wide-angle lens and a 15x macro lens to capture both macro and wide-angle photos. The 198-degree wide-angle fisheye lens creates a visually creative shot.

It also gets additional lenses like the flow lens, kaleidoscope lens, radial filter lens, etc. which add a custom effect to the clicked photo. All the lenses are easily attached to the phone via a detachable clamp. The clamp’s design makes it easy to use for both the rear and front camera of an iPhone. All the lenses offer a combined focal length of 10,000 mm.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 11 lenses
  • Compatible with all iPhone models from 6 to 14 series
  • A 0.63x wide angle lens and 15x macro lens
  • A 198-degree fisheyes lens
  • Additional lenses like radial, kaleidoscope, flow, soft, etc
  • A combined focal length of 10,000mm
  • High-class optical glass


  • The durability of all the lenses in this kit is good
  • The user-friendly design of the lenses makes them suitable for every type of user
  • The performance of the fisheye lens is better than some of the other units


  • It does not include an ND32 filter lens

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8. Godefa iPhone Lenses

Godefa iPhone LensesGodefa iPhone LensesGodefa has combined the best imaging and optics technology to develop a new range of accessories for smartphones. Offering the products in a combo pack, ensures you get all types of lenses.

The Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit is a value-for-money deal. This kit comes with 14 types of lenses, including the 3 primary lenses. Get a wider field of view with the 0.63x wide lens. The 2x telephoto lens turns your photo session into a professional one. Besides this, the 198-degree fisheye lens works wonders for your social media posts or vlogging. The 15x macro lens connects your camera to the other side of the macro world.

Other lenses like a kaleidoscope, starburst, radial filter, CPL, etc. help in adding a customized look to every shot. To improve the lighting conditions for all these lenses, the kit also includes a selfie light with 7 different brightness levels. All these lenses offer a focal length ranging between 14 to 100 mm.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 14 lenses
  • Compatible with all iPhone models from 6 to 14 series
  • A 0.63x wide angle lens, 15x macro lens, and 2x telephoto lens
  • A 198 degrees wide fisheye lens
  • Additional lenses like CPL, radial filter, starburst, kaleidoscope, etc
  • Focal length range of 14 to 100 mm
  • A selfie light with 7 brightness settings


  • This kit offers more features compared to its pricing
  • The brightness of the selfie light is so high that it can also be used with the rear camera
  • The quality of the images is good and does not require post-processing


  • The lenses struggle at higher zoom settings

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9. Miao LAB iPhone Lenses

Miao LAB iPhone LensesMiao LAB iPhone LensesMIAO LAB produces a range of photography lenses for professionals and smartphones. With a professional R&D team, it has created durable and reliable products for its users.

The Miao LAB 11 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit features a very aesthetic design. It includes 11 different lenses, which easily turns the camera module into a professional one. The kit includes an ND32 filter CPL filter, color lens, and other lenses. The 140-degree super wide angle lens covers more area than a normal wide lens. The 10x macro lens helps reduce the distance needed to capture a close-up shot.

Speaking about the fisheye lens, the viewing angle goes up to 205 degrees to create a centered photo. The 4-color lens helps in adding a diverse mood to the picture or video. All the lenses are fitted inside an aluminum frame to offer maximum protection. The lenses are securely mounted via a redesigned clamp.

Best Features:

  • A kit of 11 lenses
  • Compatible with all iPhone models from 6 to 8 series and later models
  • A 140-degree wide angle lens and 10x macro lens
  • A 205 degree fisheye lens
  • Additional lenses including 4-color, ND32 filter, CPL filter, kaleidoscope, etc
  • Maximum focal length of 35mm
  • A sturdy aluminum frame


  • The wide-angle lens offers a very good quality
  • Positioning of the macro lens can be done far from the subject
  • It offers the widest fisheye lens on the list


  • The clip is not suitable for phones with centered camera modules

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Buying Guide For The Best iPhone Lenses

The external iPhone lenses are one of the much-needed upgrades for your iPhone. These lenses are essential to iPhone users who want to get the most out of cinematography. The lenses offer features like macro, wide angle, etc., similar to professional camera lenses. We have gone through the specifications and features of such iPhone lenses. With this buying guide, we aim to understand how some crucial factors govern the performance of these lenses.

1. Compatible Model

The design of the iPhone lenses is done by keeping the dimensions of the iPhone model in mind. The camera modules on certain generations of iPhones are placed in different locations. The external lens needs to be perfectly aligned with the iPhone’s camera. As a result, the compatible iPhone models for the lenses are defined on the package. The older models like the 6 series and 11 have camera modules on the corner edge. Hence, the lenses can be placed vertically or horizontally. For the dual or triple camera setup of the models like 12 to 14 series, the lenses are clipped in an offset way, to make a clear way for other lenses.

2. Wide Angle

The use of wide-angle lenses is popular amongst iPhone users. The wide-angle lens has a shorter focal length, compared to the other lenses. This helps in capturing a wider view of a landscape of objects. The wide angle slides anywhere between 65 to 140 degrees range. Since capturing files increases, the recorded image or video will display more information. As the angle is similar to that of a human eye, users feel that they are watching a scene via their eyes. These features make the wide-angle lens an important part of the photography kit. The zooming factor of these lenses is crucial to create this “demagnified view”. Wide angle lenses offer x0.2 to x0.8 magnification (the value under x1 decreases the zoom since the normal view is set on x1).

3. Focal Length

In simple words, the total distance between the camera’s sensor and the center of the lens is called focal length. Generally, this factor is measured in inches or mm. It plays an important role in processing the light which enters through the lens. The higher value of the focal length makes the captured image appear closer by reducing the angle of view. Focal length plays a major role in reducing or increasing the compression of long-distance objects. The wide-angle and standard lenses usually have a focal length of 10 mm to 70 mm. The telephoto and macro lens have 70 to 200 mm focal length. The higher focal length of 1,000 or 10,000mm is a result of software processing of the image from the lens.

4. Lens Type

Apart from the standard lenses, various types of iPhone lenses serve a specific application for the camera module. All these lenses have a different focal length, zoom, and viewing angle which results in a different output. The wide-angle lenses, as explained above, have a short focal length. With a view angle of 65 to 140 degrees, it captures more information about the subject. The fish eyes lens offers an ultra-wide angle to capture more information about the subject. The viewing angle exceeds 180 degrees to create a panoramic image. The telephoto lenses are used for creating a close-up look of the subject. The macro lens is suitable for capturing the subject with a very minimal distance between the lens.

5. Focus Type

The focus feature on a lens helps in reducing extra information to focus more on the subject. The control over focus is achieved either manually or via the auto-focus feature. The maul focus feature uses manual adjustment of the lens. A focus ring is attached over the lens which opens and closes manually. It helps in capturing more details of the subject in a close-up setting by adjusting the depth and blur level. Similarly, the auto-focus is a built-in feature on the iPhone’s camera. It adjusts the focus level by electronically sending the signal to the camera module. The subject appears clearer and sharper with bokeh effects. Being a software-based feature, auto-focus consumes less time and offers accuracy.


To capture incredible photographs from your iPhones, you can either buy a new device or upgrade the performance of the current device. Since buying a new model involves a lot of money, the external lenses prove to be a cheaper and more effective alternative. We have gone through a detailed list of the best iPhone lenses for your device. The buying guide and FAQ section further widen your knowledge about the governing actors of these lenses. We present you our favorite options from the list below:

  • Due to its user-friendly design, the Xenvo iPhone Lenses for iPhone stands out as an ideal option for all types of users. This kit uses two types of lens types. The wide-angle lens offers a 0.45x zoom capability to cover 45% more details. The macro lens uses 15x magnification to capture details on very small subjects perfectly. With a maximum focal length of 35 mm, these lenses effectively minimize distortion without compromising quality. Both clip-on lenses are made up of premium optical glass and use a protective coating. To offer maximum protection, these lenses are embedded into an aluminum frame. It also includes a GlowClip LED light to illuminate your surroundings in low-light conditions. The lenses are compatible with all iPhone models.
  • To capture professional-level content at a limited budget, the Criacr iPhone Lenses is an aggressively priced combo. This package includes 3 high-definition lenses made up of high-class glass. The 0.4x-0.6x wide lens provides flexibility to either increase or decrease the captured information. The adjustable focal length from 10 to 15 mm helps optimize the perspective of every shot. Diving into the world of macro photography, the 15x macro lens guarantees a distortion-free view. For a seamless panoramic experience, the 180-degree fisheye lens captures a wide field of view. The PVC clips safely secure the lenses on the iPhones. The offset design of this clip can fit a wide range of iPhone models.
  • To get the most out of your investment, the Godefa iPhone Lenses stands as a value-for-money deal. This kit includes a total of 14 lenses. To enhance your field of view, the 0.63x wide lens can be used. The 2x telephoto lens easily adds a professional touch to the portraits. The 198-degree fisheye lens helps in creating unique perspectives of a subject or scene. The 15x macro lens transports your camera to the delicate world of close-up photography. It also includes a variety of other lenses, such as kaleidoscope, starburst, radial filter, CPL, etc., to add a customized touch for every shot. To assist the lenses in low-light conditions, the 7-way adjustable selfie light is offered. A 14 to 100 mm range of focal length marks sure every type of content is shot accurately.

iPhone Lenses – FAQs

1. Is it a good decision to invest in external lenses for the iPhone?

Ans: Buying external lenses for the iPhone is a good investment if the lens offers better performance than your device. In most cases, the lenses have improved the capturing quality of the iPhone for both pictures and videos. Depending on your iPhone’s model, a compatible lens will be worth every penny.

2. Do lenses help in improving the picture quality?

Ans: The lenses offer improvement in the picture quality only if they are superior to the iPhone’s default camera. The standard iPhone camera also features better-quality lenses, which makes it important to consider it while selecting external lenses. The camera sensor, lens specification, and other factors help in deciding whether the external lenses will improve picture quality or not.

3. What are the 3 types of lenses available for the iPhone?

Ans: The iPhone uses 3 different types of lenses, including wide/ultra-wide lens, standard lens, macro lens, or telephoto lens. Each lens serves a specific type of purpose for the camera module. A wide-angle lens offers an enlarged view compared to the standard lens. The macro lens is useful for capturing details in a close-up shot. A telephoto lens creates a more detailed shot of the zoomed object, making it appear closer.

4. Which lenses are featured on the iPhone 14?

Ans: Unlike previous models like X or iPhone 11, the camera module on iPhone 14 features an offset triangle layout. It includes a 1x main-wide angle lens, an ultra-wide 5x lens, and a 3x telephoto lens. Depending on this configuration, users can opt for lenses with a higher zoom factor. For the wide lens, users can select a lens from 0.4x to 0.8x range for a wider view.

5. Do the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 have the same lenses?

Ans: Both models feature a wide-angle lens with 13 mm focal length. The difference in the performance is seen due to a higher aperture set on the iPhone 14 model. The wide-angle lens on iPhone 13 Pro has a f/1.8 aperture, while the value increases to f/2.2 for iPhone 14 Pro.