Artificial Intelligence

Brad Smith on LinkedIn: Six Additional Commitments to Expand Responsible AI

Last week, Microsoft shared our strong support for The White House’s Voluntary AI Commitments. Harnessing AI in ways that will benefit society requires advanced AI to be safe, secure, and trustworthy. The commitments set forth by the White House are an important step in these efforts and we look forward to working with our industry peers, government, civil society, and academia to realize the goals.
We also want to highlight six additional commitments Microsoft made to further expand our responsible AI practices. We believe that these will help us deliver more trustworthy AI systems that benefit not only our customers, but the whole of society.
These steps advance transparency and accountability. They range from supporting a pilot of the National AI Research Resource to advocating for the establishment of a national registry of high-risk AI systems. We have also committed to broad-scale implementation of the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, and adoption of cybersecurity practices that are attuned to unique AI risks.  
We continue to strengthen our responsible AI program and integrate it across the company. We believe this is critical to unlock the potential of AI to have positive impacts on communities around the globe while staying clear-eyed about the risks.
Here is a bit more detail on our commitments.