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Bring fun and excitement to summer learning with Leaps and Logs: A free game from Microsoft

Summer might be fun, but getting ready to go back to school can be exciting and enjoyable, too. Our free summer learning game offers a variety of fun and engaging resources to keep students thinking, collaborating, and building skills until the first day of school!

Leaps and Logs allows kids aged 8 or older to challenge a friend, neighbor, family member, or themselves by completing fun tasks from a variety of categories including:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Coding
  • Arts/Music

Kids tackle these fun learning tasks as they complete one or two rounds of play a day, extending their game play until the start of the school year. These tasks are designed to reach and engage every learner, from aspiring coders to reluctant comic artists. Use Leaps and Logs as an exciting way to create joy around learning as kids prepare to head back to the classroom.

Play with pixels or paper

Leaps and Logs is versatile and can be played digitally or on paper (with access to a device for embedded task links).

Playing digitally involves downloading the game board and task lists then uploading them into Microsoft Whiteboard.

GIF. Opening Microsoft Whiteboard and uploading the Leaps and Logs game board.

Play Leaps and Logs digitally by uploading the game board to Microsoft Whiteboard.

Playing on paper is easy too! Just download and print the game board and choose fun game pieces to mark your progress. 

Check out the fun in action

Microsoft Education has highlighted a few of the fun Leaps and Logs summer learning activities. Explore ways kids can have a blast while letting their creativity shine as they learn and grow!

Create your own manga comic in 5 easy steps

Get creative and make your own manga-style comic book. Dazzle followers with thousands of graphics and animations that make your comic come alive!

  1. Create a short outline of your story.
  2. Open the PowerPoint comic template.
  3. Go to New Slide and select a comic layout.
  4. Customize your frames with colors, characters, and text.
  5. Share your story!

Become a TV chef and share your favorite snack on Flip

Create a snackable video! Use Flip to record, edit, and share an engaging video of how to prepare your favorite snack or meal.

  1. Start by creating an outline of your video.
  2. Capture all the footage using Flip or upload your own video.
  3. Edit your video, add captions, and express your creativity with music, stickers, and more.
  4. Post your video to your Flip profile and share with your friends.
  5. Enjoy!

Put your subtraction skills to the test with Subtraction World in Minecraft Education

Explore Subtraction World in Minecraft Education. Follow the colored paths to find subtraction problems and start solving them!

  1. Download Subtraction World onto your computer.
  2. Zone 1: Follow the colored path to each equation, solving them with your pencil and paper as you go.
  3. Zone 2: Solve the equations on paper, then build your answers in the world.
  4. Zone 3: Create your own subtraction equations and challenge your friends to solve them.

 “Bee” a video game designer with MakeCode Arcade

It’s always a bee-utiful day for coding! Learn how to create a “Collect the Clovers” video game using Microsoft MakeCode to collect 4-leaf clovers and avoid the bees.

  1. Open the “Collect the Clovers” MakeCode Arcade activity.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to start building your code.
  3. Choose your background and your character.
  4. Customize your game settings and sound effects.
  5. Go for the high score!

Keep learning going and kids entertained until school starts with our free Leaps and Logs learning activities game! Download it now and join the fun!