ChromeOS might soon decouple the Chrome browser for faster updates

What you need to know

  • The alternative to Google Chrome is likely to come to Chromebooks soon.
  • The mention of Lacros is seen on the latest ChromeOS 116 update through various code changes and flags.
  • Switching to the Lacros browser should enable faster browser updates, and the transition likely won’t bring any noticeable visual changes.

Google has been trying to separate Chrome browser from ChromeOS for the past couple of years under a project dubbed Lacros. It will reportedly be the default browser on ChromeOS devices, reports About Chromebooks, and the change may soon be underway.

The Lacros is built on Linux, and recent code findings from ChromeOS 116 hint at the browser coming to more Chromebooks soon. The idea behind the new move from Google is to quickly roll out browser changes in Chromebooks without having to wait for a full ChromeOS update, notes About Chromebooks.