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Cloudflare announces GA releases for D1, Hyperdrive, and Workers Analytics Engine

Cloudflare has announced the general availability (GA) release of three new products aimed at making full-stack development easier for development teams.

The first release is the serverless SQL database D1. With this GA release, the platform is also gaining a number of requested features from the beta, such as support for 10GB databases, new data export functionality, and enhanced query debugging. 

“Your core database is one of the most critical pieces of your infrastructure. It needs to be ultra-reliable. It can’t lose data. It needs to scale. And so we’ve been heads down over the last year getting the pieces into place to make sure D1 is production-ready,” Rita Kozlov and Matt Silverlock, senior directors of product at Cloudflare, wrote in a blog post

Other features planned for future releases include global read replication, larger databases, more Time Travel capabilities for branching databases, and new APIs for querying and creating databases. 

Cloudflare also confirmed that with this general release, it will be keeping the free option for D1, which allows 5 million rows to be read per day, 100,000 rows to be written per day, and 5 GB of storage. The paid plan costs $5/month for the first 25 billion rows read, 50 million rows written, and 5 GB storage. Each additional million rows will cost $0.001 to read and $1 to write, and each additional GB of storage will cost an extra $.75. 

Next, the company released Hyperdrive, which allows users to transform regional databases into globally distributed databases.

“If you’re not caught up on what Hyperdrive is, it’s designed to make the centralized databases you already have feel like they’re global. We use our global network to get faster routes to your database, keep connection pools primed, and cache your most frequently run queries as close to users as possible,” Kozlov and Silverlock wrote. 

Over the next few months, Cloudflare plans to add new features to Hyperdrive, including support for MySQL, the ability to connect to databases inside private networks, and more configurability of invalidation and caching strategies. Hyperdrive will be free for anyone on a paid Workers plan. 

And finally, the company has released Workers Analytics Engine, which enables developers to add analytics capabilities to their products. 

“We use it ourselves to observe the health of our own services, to capture product usage data for billing, and to answer questions about specific customers’ usage patterns. At least one data point is written to this system on nearly every request to Cloudflare’s network. Workers Analytics Engine lets you build your own custom analytics using this same infrastructure, while we manage the hard parts for you,” Kozlov and Silverlock wrote. 

In addition to releasing these three products as GA, the company also announced two new features for its Queues product, which is currently still in open beta. Users can now pull messages from a queue and can delay messages, which may be useful in situations where the underlying infrastructure has rate limits. 

Cloudflare says it will also be increasing the per-queue throughput as it continues to work on getting Queues ready for GA over the next few months.