‘Connections’ puzzle game comes to NYT Games app on iPhone and iPad

As The New York Times continues to expand its collection of games, its newest offering has made its way to iOS. Connections, its latest puzzle game, has been available in beta testing via the web since June, and it’s now rolling out to the dedicated NYT Games app on iPhone and iPad.

The New York Times announced the expansion of the game in a post on its website on Monday. With this, Connections can now be played via the latest version of the NYT Games app on iPhone and iPad, which is available via the App Store.

For those unfamiliar, here’s how Connections works:

Connections offers a unique puzzle challenge that tests players’ wit, vocabulary and creativity. How do you play? You’re presented with 16 words. Your mission? Identify the hidden relationship and organize them into four distinct groups of four. The four category colors are yellow (the most straightforward), green, blue and purple (the trickiest). But be careful — players only have four chances to solve the puzzle before it’s all over.

According to the company, Connections is “the most successful launch of any game we’ve developed in-house since the Mini Crossword in 2014.” It’s also its second most-played game after Wordle. The addition of Connections to the NYT Games app will only further increase its popularity.

Have you played Connections yet? I’ve been playing it for the past month or so and find it pretty tricky – but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re into this style of puzzle games. Connections is free to play via the web and iPhone.

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