D-Fend on the Drone Radio Show: Cyber Takeover Counter Drone Solutions

D-Fend on Drone Radio ShowDon’t miss Jeffrey Starr, CMO of D-Fend Solutions on this episode of the Drone Radio Show!  Jeffrey and host Randy Goers talk about ways the company is helping organizations throughout the world create safer skies by controlling dangerous drone situations.  Listen here:

Jeffrey Starr is Chief Marketing Officer at D-Fend Solutions.  D-Fend Solutions is the leading global provider of cyber-takeover, counter-drone solutions for sensitive and challenging environments. By focusing on the acute drone threat, their technology enables organizations around the world to maintain full control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents across complex and sensitive environments and be prepared for future threats.  The company’s core offering, called EnforceAir, automatically executes radio frequency cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for safe landings and safe outcomes.

Jeffery brings a track record of generating revenue and building market leadership through visionary business strategies.  Prior to joining D-Fend Solutions, Jeffrey served as CMO and in executive roles at AlgoSec, Cellebrite, Verisk 3E, Magic Software Enterprises and Amdocs. Jeffrey also served as General Partner at Mission Ventures VC fund and as an Analyst at Booz Allen.

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