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Data Activation with Tejas Manohar

Data Activation is the method of unlocking the knowledge sorted within your data warehouse, and making it actionable by your business users in the end tools that they use every day. In doing so, Data Activation helps bring data people toward the center of the business, directly tying their work to business outcomes.

Hightouch is the simplest and fastest way to get started with Data Activation. As a Data Activation Platform, Hightouch uses Reverse ETL to sync data from the warehouse to 100+ different integrations. With Hightouch companies can leverage their existing data models and easily view and monitor all of their data syncs in a single platform. Better yet, Hightouch offers a visual audience builder that makes it easy for non-technical users to create custom audiences at moment’s notice.

Tejas Manohar is the CEO at Hightouch and he joins us today.

Full disclosure: Hightouch is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily.

Alex is an AWS Data Hero, an independent consultant, and the author of The DynamoDB Book, the comprehensive guide to data modeling with DynamoDB. He was an early employee at Serverless, Inc., creators of the Serverless Framework, and was an early community member in the serverless space. His consulting and training work focuses on serverless architectures and database optimization. You can find him on Twitter as @alexbdebrie or on his site,


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