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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Summer Internship 2024

Round 1 (Coding round) :

This round was held on HackerEarth. There were 10 MCQ questions on DSA, OS, DBMS, OOP, CN concepts for 4 marks each along with 2 coding questions for 20 and 30 marks respectively. The time for assessment was 90 minutes. The participants were asked to keep their webcams on. More than 300 people appeared for this round and 24 were taken forward. I got about 8-9 of the MCQs correct. The following were the coding questions :

  • It was an leetcode easy question on arrays where you need to count number of elements having value greater than mean of previous and next element and return the count.
    I got all 10 testcases passed for this questions.
  • Given an array of stations where each index contains the cost of moving from station i to i+1.You can move in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. You need to find the minimum cost to reach from station “x” to station “y” and return the cost.
    I got 9/10 testcases passed for this questions.

I successfully cleared this round.

TIPS: Try to pass as much testcases as you can ,as each testcase has some points to add to your score.

Round 2 (Technical Interview) :

This round was held over microsoft teams and lasted for about 45 minutes. The interviewer was appreciative and made sure that I was comfortable. It was mostly around core subjects, DSA and the theory of my projects. I was able to answer most of the questions.15 out of 24 people were selected for next round. Here are a few questions :

  • Introduce yourself. (Keep in mind your resume)
  • Explain your Hackathon project with all its components.
  • Which type of Database you used in your project?
  • Explain OOPS in detail. (Try to use uniform and general examples for each concept)
  • How to implement abstract classes in C++.
  • DDL vs DML commands in SQL.
  • Queries related to SELECT,UPDATE,GROUP BY and ORDER BY in SQL. This part was a bit tricky but I managed it by considering each point of query and tables given to solve.
  • Write pseudocode for Binary search and reverse string.
  • Write pseudocode for String matching algorithms (Explained basic approach but unable to explain optimized algorithm).
  • What are lambda functions in Python.(As I mentioned Python in my Resume)

Round 3 (Professional Fitness Round) :

This round was a combination of projects (technical aspect) and managerial questions. It lasted for 20-30 minutes.13 out of 15 people were selected from this round.

Here are the questions :

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Explain your projects.
  • Which technology you used in your hackathon project?
  • How is your hackathon project idea profitable? Some situation based questions to test if idea was original or not.
  • As hackathon project was a team project, How you handled some issues occurred during working on projects in a team.
  • Explain about the android app that you created as a solo project. What was your motivation behind that project?

Tip: Make sure that you have sound knowledge of each and every thing that you mention on your resume and most importantly about the projects.

Then the interviewer asked if I had any questions for him. I asked him a question about AI/ML inclusion in company and we discussed a bit on it and this round ended.

Round 4 (HR interview):

This round lasted for about 25 minutes. The HR person was very generous and insured that I was comfortable. The idea behind this round is to keep the conversation going and they test if you are clear about your ideologies and to know your interest into the company and working profile.12 out of 13 people were selected for the final internship offer from this round. Here are the questions:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • How was the whole process of interviews gone for me.How I feel ?
  • What are the values of company that I find myself to be aligned with and how ?
  • As the head of public relations of my college’s entrepreneurship cell, what are my responsibilities and what is the working of the club?
  • What are the major points you found interesting about company that were discussed in pre-placement talks with you?

Then he asked if I have any questions. I asked him a general question about companies latest innovations and this round ended.

TIPS : Read a bit about company and find common things between its values and you with supporting points. Be honest with all answers.
If you aren’t sure about a question, tell them straight away, they’ll change the question.

In the evening ,results were declared and I am happy to share that I was one of the 12 selected candidates who got internship offer.

Thankyou for reading !!

Last Updated :
07 Aug, 2023

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