DNS Isn’t Resolving XBOX Server Names

You might not be the only one with problems connecting to Xbox servers and are frequently notified by error messages that the DNS cannot resolve Xbox server names. An essential component that converts user-friendly website names into computer-readable IP addresses is the Domain Name System (DNS).

When the DNS cannot locate the correct IP addresses for Xbox server names, the system cannot locate the servers’ servers. You may be unable to use multiplayer options and online gaming services on your Xbox console due to this problem.

How to Fix DNS That Isn’t Resolving Xbox Server Names?

1. Resetting Your Router and Console

Resetting your Router and console may solve your problem with DNS not resolving Xbox server names. Start by disconnecting your Router from the power source and turning it off. Next, turn off your Xbox gaming system. Please wait some minutes before attaching the Router and turning it on. Turn on your console, and the DNS problem might be fixed, enabling a successful connection to the Xbox servers.

2. Switch the DNS Settings to Google DNS

You can change the DNS settings to Google DNS to resolve a DNS problem preventing Xbox server names from resolving. A trustworthy and well-liked alternative DNS service is Google DNS.

It could cure the issue and enable your Xbox to connect to Xbox servers by changing the DNS settings to utilise Google DNS. This straightforward tweak can enhance your online gaming experience, and multiplayer features can be accessed.

3. Change the Width of the Channel to 20 MHz

You can set your network’s channel width to 20 MHz to solve the problem of DNS not resolving Xbox server names. This setting modification can enhance your wireless connection’s stability and dependability, perhaps addressing the issue. You can lessen interference from nearby networks and improve the overall performance of your Xbox console’s connection to the DNS server by reducing the channel width.

4. Reset the Router to Factory Settings

A potential fix for DNS problems that prevent your Xbox from resolving server names is to reset your Router to its factory default settings. Restoring the Router’s default configuration and settings is required.

Locate your Router’s reset button, typically located on the bottom or rear, to do this action. Press and hold it until the Router restarts for roughly 10 seconds. By doing this, you can assist your Xbox in successfully resolving server names and fix connectivity issues.

5. Use a LAN Cable

One efficient fix for DNS problems that prevent Xbox server names from resolving is to use a LAN connection to connect your Xbox console to the internet.

You create a direct cable connection between your console and the Router in this way, removing any potential wireless interference. Your internet connection’s stability and dependability can be enhanced by doing this, which enables the DNS to resolve Xbox server names and fix connectivity issues correctly.

6. Use a Wired Connection

Try utilising a physical connection rather than Wi-Fi to see if that resolves the DNS problem preventing Xbox server names from resolving. Utilise an Ethernet cable to connect your Xbox console directly to the Router. Ensuring a steady and dependable connection lowers the possibility of DNS resolution issues. Xbox online gameplay is more fluid with a wired connection since it reduces latency and is less prone to interference.

7. Set the DNS Manually

You can manually configure the DNS on your Xbox console to resolve the problem with DNS not resolving Xbox server names. Access the network settings, choose the network connection, and then select the “Manual” DNS configuration option.

Enter your internet service provider’s (ISP) recommended and backup DNS server addresses after that, or use one of the public DNS servers, such as Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS. This lets your Xbox connect directly to the DNS servers, correctly resolving server names.

8. Update Network Driver

Updating your network driver is another potential cure for the DNS not resolving the Xbox server names problem. The network driver is a piece of software that enables network communication on your computer or console. Outdated or defective network drivers might bring on DNS issues. You can ensure your device has the software it needs to correctly resolve Xbox server names and create a reliable connection by updating the network driver to the most recent version.

DNS Isn’t Resolving XBOX Server Names – FAQs

1. How long does it take for DNS to resolve?

Ans: The time it takes for DNS to resolve varies based on several variables, including the network state, the particular DNS server being used, and the difficulty of resolving the domain name. DNS resolution can often be completed in a few milliseconds to a few seconds.

2. How do I clear the DNS cache?

Ans: Follow these steps to clear the DNS cache:
Launch the Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows).
Enter the command “sudo dscacheutil -flushcache” on a Mac or “ipconfig /flushdns” on a Windows computer.
To carry out the order, press Enter. Your system’s DNS cache will be cleared, fixing any possible DNS-related problems.

3. How do I connect my Xbox to the DNS server?

Ans: Navigate to the network settings on your Xbox to connect it to the DNS server. Select “Advanced settings” after selecting the network you’re currently connected to. Next, manually choose a DNS server address or use the DNS server information supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

4. Does clearing the cache clear DNS?

Ans: The DNS can be cleared by clearing the cache, yes. When you clear the cache, the DNS data that was previously stored is also removed. By requiring the system to retrieve new DNS records, this can assist in the resolution of DNS-related problems.


Finally, having trouble with DNS resolution can prevent you from being able to connect to Xbox servers and play online games. You may fix these issues by comprehending the possible causes and implementing effective fixes, such as updating your network driver and deleting the cache.

A solid connection is promoted by updating your network driver, guaranteeing that your device has the software required to resolve Xbox server names correctly. By deleting cached data, including DNS records, the system is forced to retrieve new records, potentially fixing DNS-related problems. Following these instructions may improve your Xbox gaming experience and take advantage of seamless server connectivity.