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Domino Fall 2023 Release Expands Platform to Fast-Track and Future-Proof All AI

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Generative AI (GenAI) has sparked tremendous interest in the business world. According to Gartner, more than 80 percent of enterprises will have used GenAI APIs or deployed GenAI-based applications by 2026. This is up from 5 percent in 2023. With this extraordinary growth of GenAI, companies are racing to test AI proofs of concept. Companies that can experiment fastest and have a path to scale AI will gain a significant competitive edge. Domino can now help its customers do both – build and scale AI. 

Domino Data Lab, the provider of the Enterprise AI platform, announced powerful new capabilities through a platform update, which includes an expanded AI project hub and enhanced data access and governance. 

Domino’s Fall 2023 introduced more power tools for enterprises to build AI, including traditional AI and GenAI. The release will speed up responsible AI development and boost productivity with an AI coding assistant. In addition, the release will make data more accessible and governed through automatic data audit logging across data sources and will support 14 new data sources including SAP-HANA and Databricks. 

“Today, everyone can do AI proofs of concept — but the organizations that quickly productionize AI innovations will be the ultimate winners,” said Nick Elprin, CEO and co-founder at Domino. “Our fall release gives enterprises the agility they need to innovate and the controls necessary to do so responsibly.”Expanded AI Project Hub

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The Domino AI Project Hub now includes pre-built templates to build machine learning (ML) models for classic regression and advanced applications. Through the latest in open-source and commercial technology, the expanded AI project hub supports real-world applications such as sentiment analysis of product reviews, fine-tuning in LLMs for text generation, and using enterprise Q&A chatbots.  

Enterprises can jump-start AI productivity using pre-packaged models. The templates can be used for anything from basic classification tasks to advanced applications such as fault detection using computer vision or GenAI applications using the latest foundation models from Meta, AWS, OpenAI, and more.  

The Domino partners and customers can also contribute to the template library in the AI Project Hub. Other customers can adapt the contributed templates according to their unique requirements. 

The Fall Release will further accelerate software development productivity through code-generation assistants. Data professionals will have access to the Jupyter AI conversational assistant using GenAI to fix errors, summarize content, and work with a wide range of foundation models.

Domino also announced its industry-leading launch partners for its AI Project Hub. NVIDIA will provide its NeMo Megatron framework to help customize and prompt-tune the Q&A chatbots. AWS will assist in product feedback and generating email text for customer service use cases, while Fidder will help in evaluating the robustness of models through its Fiddler Auditor. 

KSM technology partners will help accelerate BioPharma discovery and development by automating complex computations. Artefact, a global data & AI consulting company, will provide structured digital marketing reports using automated natural language insights. Domino plans to scale the number of partners and solutions to enrich the AI Project Hube ecosystem. 


Enhanced Data Access and Governance 

Data access and governance are key to empowering organizations to trust the integrity of their AI and ML models. Domino now provides instant and governed access to data sources – on the cloud and on-premises. This includes connectivity with new data sources across the enterprise including IBM DB2, Databricks clusters, and SAP-HANA.

Domino customers can reduce integration complexity and time to insight with rapid data access. In addition, they can responsibly govern sensitive data with secure access controls. 

To help support AI regulations and the use of responsible AI, Domino’s Fall Release features Data Audit Logging integrated into all Domino workflows. This will help provide complete visibility of all data sources from development to deployment. The Domino Model Sentry is another new capability that allows organizations to transform AI policies into responsible actions with governance across the entire data pipeline and monitoring across the model lifecycle. 

The Fall Release demo is scheduled for November 30th. 

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