Draganfly Drones Will Help Put Out Canada’s Wildfires

Draganfly firefightingDraganfly Receives Contract from Canadian Provincial Wildfire Services

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Award-winning drone leader Draganfly Inc. announced that it will be supplying a Canadian Provincial Government with drone pilot crews and drone technology to aid in firefighting mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. The company’s sophisticated drone technology and expert pilots will assist emergency services in working to protect lives, property, infrastructure, and ecosystems.

Draganfly will support emergency services in carrying out night-time missions, determining fire line breaches, and locating hidden hot spots through the use of thermal imaging technology. The company’s services will augment firefighting operations, increasing protection for critical infrastructure, towns, and valuable natural resources, as well as helping to minimize air quality hazards resulting from wildfires.

“Draganfly is humbled to have been selected, and we are committed to our pilot crews and drone technology being a key component in helping ensure wildfire services has the tools needed to combat devastating wildfires,” said Draganfly President and CEO Cameron Chell. “By deploying Draganfly’s highly trained drone pilot crews and technology, we aim to enhance the situational awareness of firefighting operations to save time, money, and lives.”

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